Looks like we’re getting serious here. Meet John.

Well folks, it appears as if we are really doing this thing now. Today, we brought home a tractor.


Ever since we first got serious about this property the word ‘tractor’ has come up often between us and with friends and family. ‘When are you getting a tractor?’ is what everyone wants to know. Much like when you first get married and everyone wants to know when you are going to have a baby, people wanted to know when the tractor was coming. I hemmed and hawed. Geez, we have a neighbor that is happy to mow when we need it with his tractor. And what’s wrong with a shovel and a little hard work anyway? But who am I to stand in the way of a man and his tractor. Isn’t that half the fun of having some property having the excuse to get a tractor? Scott has been researching for months now and finally the right one appeared just a few miles north of us. This is a nice little one, with a front blade, mower, rototiller and a dump cart, perfect for our needs.
We dropped off the kids this morning, filled up the coffee mug and headed north to pick up a truck and trailer to haul it in. The truck had country music already playing on it when we got in, a song about a tractor none-the-less, and we headed back down beautiful highway 12 down into Glen Ellen. The place we picked it up from was a 3.5 acre farm tucked into a small valley surrounded by olive trees, fruit trees, and a greenhouse getting filled with flats to start kale seeds. It took some tricky driving and some muscle but between four of us we got her loaded and brought her home.
I still remained a little skeptical about it until I sat down in the tractor seat…. You know, I think this might just be quite fun! Get ready to see some serious growing this year!


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9 responses to “Looks like we’re getting serious here. Meet John.

  1. Remember that song, she thinks my tractor’s sexy? It was popular, when John Deere entered our life. I used to sing it to my husband, when he was out mowing pasture. Our children were horrified that their mother sang such bawdiness to their dad. Now they are grown and married. They get it.

  2. lois

    you’ll learn to love it…I think ours is just fun to drive around….and my chicago grandgirls love to come to nana;s house and ride the tractor!

  3. Victoria Bird

    Almost the first thing we bought here was a John Deere tractor for our 7+ acres. It has served us very well, and hope the same for you. Have fun!

  4. Oh how I wish we had property. I love your blog and I am going to make that salted caramel pear butter ASAP, that looks too good to pass up. Thank you for sharing and your pictures are beautiful. Good luck with the tractor!!


  5. Loretta Deter

    Hi Kendra! Your aunt Lore here. Your cousin Johnny inherited property in Burney, CA and has a serious relationship with a young lady with a 4 year old. I bought the 4 year old a John Deere tractor and trailer for Christmas because they have several acres and are growing crops and Chickens. How fun! Love you!

  6. Oh man, I have a tiny bit of tractor envy. Except for the automatic crash course in repair. . . Enjoy.

  7. Deere Driver

    Had to write. Got my Deere and then the blog name. Hmm!
    Congrats from a Deere Driver!

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