Growings On…


The tractor works, the field got mowed.

Unfortunately the tractor does not differentiate between grass and mustard and it all got plowed down. At least our field is too big to mow in one sitting and a patch got saved.

She’s growing too. Walking and toppling all over the place.

The felco’s were sharpened and all the fruit trees have been pruned.

What a job!


Filed under Fruit Trees, Our Weekends

3 responses to “Growings On…

  1. Jennifer Middleton

    Your photo’s are always so refreshing. I enjoy every one of them every time. Oh!.. and I’m still making lotion 😀 Thanks!

  2. Beautiful pictures. Makes my heart sing… the view out my window is snowy and industrial right now. I don’t mind the snow really, but the industrial scape can take a hike!!! Thanks for this breath of fresh air to start my day off right!

  3. Thanks for the images. Too bad about the mustard. So yummy at this time of year. 🙂

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