Eggs, Bacon & Interesting Tid Bits for you


We finally started getting a few eggs after the New Year, just a few though.


And we continue to enjoy our homemade bacon. Now that it has sat in the freezer for a while the flavors have mellowed out and it tastes just perfect. At first it tasted almost too sweet, but now that flavor receeded into the background and it couldn’t be tastier. Scott’s Christmas present of a meat slicer makes nice uniform pieces. Baking it in the oven it totally the way to go.

: :  If you live in Sonoma, my friend Jacqueline, who directs the Hearth Foundation, is holding meditation and tea sessions every Thursday from 6:30pm-8:30pm in her art studio. Anyone is welcome who would like to either learn how or continue their practice of meditation with other folks. I’ll be there tonight. Join us if you can: 19201 Twin Oaks Lane, Sonoma. $10 donation appreciated

: :  Yesterday as I was starting work on a design project I searched around for a new podcast to listen to I stumbled upon Garden Fork. Have you discovered this site yet? I haven’t listened to the radio shows yet, just played a whole bunch of videos in the background while I worked. Totally entertaining and educational. Do you have any podcasts you listen to?


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3 responses to “Eggs, Bacon & Interesting Tid Bits for you

  1. Bonnie

    Try Natures Harmony Farmcast. Two wonderful people who were urbanites and started up their own sustainable farm. Really educational and fun

  2. So envious of your bacon. Hungry, too. 🙂

  3. Melissa

    I listen to the Splendid Table podcast. KQED or NPR doesn’t air it love, so I stream it from APM.

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