A Whole Lotta Love Lotion Labels (free printable)

Whole Lotta Love Lotion Lotion
In previous years I’ve often dismissed Valentine’s Day. I aligned myself with the whole ‘it’s a Hallmark holiday’ mentality and brushed off the event almost entirely. But this year…I don’t know, I’m catching the Valentine’s spirit. Suddenly red and pink hearts look kind of cute. So while the spirit has caught me, I thought I’d make you a printable lotion label in case you are going to give your love ones either the Hand Lotion, the Winter Hand Salve or the Beeswax Lotion this Valentines.
Remember to print out at 100% on full label paper ( I use Avery Sticker Project Paper). Cut out and you are good to go.

Download the label here


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10 responses to “A Whole Lotta Love Lotion Labels (free printable)

  1. These are amazing! Can’t wait to try one of your recipes, I love making things from scratch! Hope you’ll stop by my blog and give me some advice sometime!

  2. Trisha

    I actually am thinking of doing some handmade lotions to a few people. Thank you for these cute labels.

  3. Birgitt

    I’ve never thanked you for the hand lotion recipe. It’s amazing; much better than the $22 a tub lotion I was using on my face.

    I’ve begun experimenting with versions with aloe vera, arnica and tea tree oils for an acupuncturist friend and for friends with eczema and psoriasis. So far no cure, but people keep showing up asking to buy the stuff. Which sorta feels like cheating. I had a soap company and compared to soap making this stuff is a piece of cake.

    Anyhoo, thank you for posting the recipe.

  4. Hi Kendra 🙂 Hi Scott 🙂

    I am passing along the Versatile Blogger Award, if you are happy to accept it…there are some rules, you can take a look at the post where I awarded this to you 🙂


    Have a great evening guys!
    Kind regards

  5. thank you. These are lovely. I am dying to make the lotion. 🙂

  6. casey

    i have been following you and love that you share labels i have not used them yet i have a lot of label ??? i really need a label for ingredients i am making a hang tag of old denium with the name i am just starting ouy and dont have a lot of computer knowleadge i am 52 and in the computer gap years how can i do the ingredients and imput ? thanks

  7. casey

    ok so i cant type or spell either you seem like a forgiving person… the ? is ANY imput

  8. Jennifer Fox

    For the Eczema Fighting Lotion…
    Did you use the hard Vitamin E tablets or the softgels? How did you get it to liquid state? And do you have to use the Shea Butter that is a soap like substance or can you use a Shea Butter that is already in whipped/cream state? And does it have to be that brand of Avocado Oil or would another brand work?

  9. Jill Satten

    Can I use a different type of oil (Olive) for the hand lotion recipe?

    Thank You,

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