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Weekend in the kitchen


Since we moved into this house we’ve used a small round patio table as our kitchen table. It’s a table meant for two, however we have a family of five, so it’s been a tight fit. I complained for months that I could never find the right table for that spot, and then on our way home from our wooly field trip I hit the brakes hard when I saw a colorful consignment store I hadn’t seen before and there was the perfect table!

Our kitchen has been an inspiring place for me to be in, I think because of the new table. Daffodils are drying for dying someday, the picnic ham got roasted, two loaves of bread are being made at once, some fermenting is going on, and asparagus is almost ever present these days.

Hope you are having a great weekend. I have a fun thing coming up next week just for you! Stay tuned.



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