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on the inside…


I apologize about the silence around these parts. The days around here have been full. Full of all the beautiful and complex things life can bring.

We’ve been enjoying the longer days, having this soft light after dinner has been nice. Evening light and early morning light are my favorite times to take pictures.

The ebb and flow of my bread making has hit it’s ebb period when all of my loaves fall flat. I don’t know why this always happens. Even in a period of using the same bag of flour, same block of yeast, I’ll bake loaf after loaf of bread that I’m proud of and then loaf after loaf of disappointments. The good news is that I’ve baked so many flops in a row, that a good loaf is bound to happen any day now.

The house is very slowly starting to come together on the inside. I’m a very slow decorator. I’m always amazed at people who can move into a new house and have it looking just perfect in a few short weeks. For me it takes me forever to be happy with how it looks, but then I won’t want to change a thing for years. This old couch gained new life with a denim slipcover. I heard that you should decorate your house the way you dress and being that I wear jeans most days, and denim is very durable when paired with little boys and muddy gardening parents, I went with denim. Next to be refreshed are the curtains. Although I’d love belgium linen, my budget is thinking burlap or painters drop cloths. It’s hopeful to see little corners of our house coming together in pleasing patches of order.


Especially when so much of my house is in complete disorder.


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