on the outside


It’s been a nice mix of rainy days and sunny days around here. I’ve heard a few times this winter that this is the driest winter we’ve had since the Gold Rush! That was a very long time ago! So any rain we get is very welcome around these parts.

We’ve noticed that the lady bugs are out in profusion the past two weeks. They are everywhere and we’re very happy they are here.

Iris’ among a carpet of Love in a Mist.

Apple blossoms.

We have a whole smattering of seedlings coming up….and then getting immediately eaten. Though we moved about three short miles away, I feel in some ways that we have to relearn gardening all over again. The soil here is completely different and the garden pests too are different. We’ve never had such a problem with seedlings being eaten as we have had here. We’ll learn soon enough what we need to do to grow successfully here. It’s just a matter of not giving up before we find the right answers.

In the meantime the lilacs are starting to bloom and there is promise of new apples to press later in summer.

What’s happening in your garden lately?


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12 responses to “on the outside

  1. Beautiful! It’s pretty cold over here these days. We had a week of 25 degree weather where everything thought it was spring and began to sprout and then *bam!* it dropped back down to minus temperatures. All this to say, my little sprouted darlings are now covered and waiting for warmth…#montrealspring 🙂

  2. mlheran

    I love seeing all the spring newness busting out after the rain and cold, it’s so wonderful!
    My Grandma used to cover her rows of seedlings with lengths of arched 1/2″ hardware cloth until the plants were nearly touching the wire. By then they were usually hardy enough to withstand a bit of bird nibbling -the birds are crazy out here! I have short “fences” of chicken wire in my raised beds (to keep the ducks from sampling) and when the birds are really bad I throw some netting over the top -it saved my kale and chard one year. I’ve set out flashy tape and cds, fake owls and the like, but they need to be regularly moved to have a chance of effectiveness. The creeping critters are tougher to figure out unless you catch them in the act. Here’s hoping the birds and critters will go somewhere else for their meals!

  3. nixchix

    Love your pictures and your words.

    Try remay, the white fabric.


  4. Oh, your succulents are gorgeous. Good luck in fighting the pests. Last year there were NO zuccinis or summer squash. Alas, the squash bugs got them all. Fingers crossed for this year.

  5. We too have noticed many ladybugs out and about…here’s what we’ve been harvesting : http://www.comidayolas.com/2012/04/harvest-monday-422012.html

  6. jen

    Lilac’s and forsythia are in bloom- magnolia are done! Tree pollen is out of this world here ! However the brightest news is it’s been so mild here in Virginia that we’re all ready to put in our tomato and other veggies this week. yippee!

  7. Lovely! I saw a lot of new growth on my peas and flowers after a couple of days of sun.

    I’m curious about what kind of lilac that is. I’m in the market for a lilac and have heard rumors that not every variety does well in the Sonoma County summers.

  8. We have about a million tomato plants growing. Our sugar snap peas are getting bigger and would be doing really well if the dog would stop jumping all over them. My roses are budding, violas are gorgeous, and camellias are at their peek!

  9. Yep, I can’t get anything up from seed because it’s been so dry and the sparrows are nipping all the lettuce. Hard weather, new area. . . you’re on the learning curve!

  10. Willow

    Were you in Canada over Easter? I swear I saw your twin!

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