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Summer Days


The days have been full which means the blog has been quiet. Summer with all kids at home is a busy time! However, with inspiration from one of my new favorite blogs, Floret Flower Farm, I made time to put flower picking higher on the priority list.

Upon request for banana bread, we decided we needed more shelled walnuts. This should have been a rainy day winter task, but we work against deadline, so with banana bread batter waiting, we cracked one more grocery bag full of walnuts. There is nothing that makes two boys happier than to hand them hammers and tell them to break something, repeatedly. We had those walnuts cracked in no time.

The kids and I drove up to the mountains and spent time relaxing and hiking with my parents, which was so good. So many wildflowers were in bloom, the meadows were gorgeous!

I checked in on how The Girls are doing. When our little girl sees the hives she now says, “Hi Girls!” I think things are going pretty well, though I am a tad worried about the laying pattern, or rather lack there of, of one queen. I am hoping to find a mentor soon to go through and show me what I’m really looking at. However as far as I can tell, it looks as though both hives each have one full box of honey stored so far. I’m taking that as a good sign.

Now, on to another busy summer day!


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