Chili Pepper Season


While this may be our second summer here, we are considering this our first real growing season. It’s been a real delight to discover what does well here and we can say with certainty that peppers are high on the list. We’ve never had such a pepper season.

When it’s pepper season, it also means it’s chili relleno season too. My favorite season! Early on in our relationship, Scott made me chili relleno from some Poblanos we’d bought at the farmers market. Hands down, that was the spiciest meal I’d eaten to date, but they were so good I ate every last bite. We aren’t growing Poblanos, despite the fact that’s what I bought, instead it turned out to be a Big Jim pepper and a few of those are Anaheims too.

He still has the knack for making the best chili rellenos, which is why this plate never got photographed when it was decorated with sour cream and salsa, because who could remember to take a picture with that in front of them?

And now that the corn is ready for harvest, corn kernel have been making their way into the stuffing. Delicious!

We planted only one Padron pepper this year and that was more than plenty. We are all Padroned out! One afternoon the boys came inside from playing with a shirt full of Padrons asking if they could make some as a snack.

As I’m sure you well know, when a young child comes to you asking if they can eat a green vegetable, please!, you immediately say ‘yes!’ Seconds later four hands were putting them into the hot skillet.

Their choice of salt? Pink Himalayan Sea Salt of course. Only because it comes packaged with a little grater. They ate every one!

What’s doing the best in your garden this growing season?


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8 responses to “Chili Pepper Season

  1. May

    I am green with envy looking at those photos. I don’t know what I do wrong. Year after year I grow pepper plants with the most hearty foliage and nary a single pepper.

    • asonomagarden

      May, we sprinkled epson salts around all our peppers, the magnesium boost helps set peppers on. Give it a try and see if that helps!

  2. Frances

    It’s great that your kids like veggies and enjoy cooking too! It just shows they must have a good example to follow!

  3. That looks like lunch here! I am almost ready to let them go red for paprika, but probably not just yet.

    This year was our first for chili rellenos. I need to tweak the recipe so they can be baked without drying out the egg coating.

  4. Xochi

    I’m in West Sacramento and it’s been a great year for cherry tomatoes and grapes! I do have three little Aji Crystal hot pepper plants that are producing tons of spicy crisp fruits and that’s been a pleasant surprise. 🙂

  5. I use Himalayan salt too. Never thought of buying the chunks and grating it. Live and learn. Thank you.

  6. I love the chile rellenos! Never thought to do them with the anaheims instead of poblanos. I grew Thai chilies and Fresno chilies in addition to bell peppers this year. I have been gardening here for 10 years, and this was the best year ever! Happy Gardening,
    Jo Ann

  7. McArtor

    We had loads of peppers and are still harvesting them. We enjoy roasted pepper sandwiches!

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