two :: happy to you


I’ve been at this parenting gig long enough to know that some birthdays are harder to take than others. Oh, the wee one turning two is one of those. One of those that turns you into a big heap of weepy nostalgia. I spent a good part of yesterday morning going through my daily chores of watering, laundry, and catching up on design work in my weepy state, thinking I’d never get it together to make a cake. Remember when she was such a tiny little thing? After my second cup of coffee and a good walk through the garden I pulled out The Village Baker’s Wife and got inspired. (If you are looking for a new baking cookbook, hands down that is my very favorite!)

She wrote in the book that the only white cake they make at their bakery is a vanilla genoise cake. I’d never made a genoise before and it’s so different from anything I’ve made before. You warm the sugar & eggs and then whisk away until tripled in volume.  (and if you happen to be making this for a very sweet little girl, add a dash of pink food coloring)

Dust in only a cup of flour.

Add some melted butter and vanilla and you’re all set to pour and bake.

As the cake baked, weepiness set back in and instead of scrubbing the bathroom, I made this tiny little banner to put as a cake topping. I’m thinking a whipped cream frosting and maybe strawberries between layers.

Since the wee one is too wee to vocalize wanting a party (instead at any mention of birthday or cake or ‘two’ she says ‘happy to you!’), we’re taking her with us to The National Heirloom Exposition. Because what two year old doesn’t want to run amok at an agricultural festival? I’ll bring my camera and tell you all about it when we get home.


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7 responses to “two :: happy to you

  1. Jennifer Middleton

    Enjoyed hearing how you spent the day loving your sweet daughter and being creative… instead of cleaning the bathroom. She’s only little for a little while. Thanks for starting my day with a smile. 😉

  2. I went to Expo Tuesday, it will blow you away! Such a great event in our own backyard. Really makes you think about pure food and Slow Food movement. I think home gardeners are going about as slow as you can go.
    Hope you and your family have a great time at the Expo.

  3. I know it’s hard. Lovely lovely cake.

  4. Christine

    We so wanted to go to the expo on Wednesday’s family day, but alas, the kids woke up sick and we had to stay home. Can’t wait to see your pictures so we can plan for next year. Have a great time!

  5. I. So wanted to attend the expo this year.

  6. I remember when she was born. I can’t believe she is two. Does time pass more quickly in the blogosphere? ❤

  7. Oh, happy birthday, sweet girlie! I also turn into a weepy mess at birthdays…and each first day back-to-school. Even when our oldest son set off for his senior year of college this fall, I hid in the bathroom for a bit after he left. (And he’s only 45 minutes away. Yeesh.) Writing a post on our daughter’s chicken show left me a mess for an hour, because I was pulling a few toddler pics for the post. And then, when our youngest put on his Scout uniform for the first time and beamed with pride–I developed a serious case of the sniffles Tuesday night. Why, why do our babies grow so quickly???

    Two is such a lovely age. I’m sure she loved her cake and her outing! Look forward to finding the cookbook. Hope you had a wonderful day with your big girl!

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