The Beginning of Autumn

Welcome autumn! Oh yes, I know technically autumn started a few weeks ago, but to us, this weekend seemed like the very beginning of fall. The temperatures finally cooled, leaves started dropping and everything seems bathed in that warm sunlight. As I was preparing to finish painting our current kitchen this morning, I was delighted to find that our old kitchen has received a much needed facelift and was featured on Remodelista. You must go take a look!

Around here the walnuts are starting to drop. Since I work well against deadline, I called the boys outside to sit and crack the last bag of last years walnuts before we have to start collecting this years. And I will certainly have to collect some hulls for more walnut dye.

Turns out we did grow a banana squash this year. Though with our late start they haven’t gotten as big in years past. That’s a bit of a relief to be honest!

The grapes have been picked.

A portion of a shrub up and died on us for no good reason. Which meant this little bird nest got to come inside. The egg I collected and saved from a few months ago. The bowl is a relic from my days as an aspiring potter.

Scott harvested up our Smoke Signals popcorn on Sunday. We need to let it sit out for 4-6 weeks until it dried properly and then we can pop away.

Happy Autumn!


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8 responses to “The Beginning of Autumn

  1. Michelle

    Such gorgeous photos, you really capture the beauty of this place!
    That corn looks amazing, I’m definitely adding it to my seed list this winter. And that bowl, wow -you are a woman of many talents!
    The remodeled kitchen is lovely, though I have to admit I prefer the character of the old cabinets and shelves. 😉

  2. silvana

    this season is beautiful, I can’t not fine the words to discribe it, and this pictures capture the fillings that i try to explain.

  3. It would be lovely to go nut picking…
    And that pot is gorgeous!
    Happy popping.

  4. I love coming to your blog. I always leave it with a sense of serenity. Your photos are stunning, your writing is just lovely. Thank you for sharing with us. (BTW–I’m very envious of your popcorn! Next year, we will definitely have homegrown popcorn!) 😉

  5. Mika

    I love your blog. I look forward to more homemade beauty recipes. They are all so much fun. I’ve tried many of them and can’t wait for more. 😀

  6. Looks great. We went from roasting summer to full blown fall in a snap. Many leaves already gone!

  7. Walnut dye? What do you use it for/on? Now back to looking around your site to see if you have posted somewhere how to make it!

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