Rain & Herbal Remedies


It’s been raining off and on the past couple of days and we couldn’t be happier. What’s made this knitting mama even happier is that, thanks to knitting lessons in school from another knitting mama and friend, the boys are hooked on knitting! I’ve walked past their classroom to find them sitting around their teacher giving a lesson, with them all knitting and listening. So sweet. However they are seriously raiding my yarn stash, I may have to establish a Little Boy Yarn Stash for them to work freely from. No more turning my Peace Fleece into a mile long finger knitting chain!

Scott hung up his fishing pole as salmon season ended. He did great this year, filling up our freezer with salmon fillets, smoked salmon and he even dabbled in making caviar too! Who knew you could make caviar. We felt quite indulgent and elegant while eating it.

In other news, during those two weeks of havoc, I also learned what happens when you spill coffee and cream on your lap top. First your ‘L’ key stops working. Then the next day it starts spontaneously ‘L’-ing all over the place. A few days later everything returns back to normal until, when you think you are in the clear, your hard drive begins to corrode away. While my poor laptop was at my trusty Mac Doctor, I missed out on a very limited opportunity to take part in Rosemary Gladstar’s video courses, which John Gallagher of Learning Herbs put together. Rosemary formed Traditional Medicinals many decades back in neighboring Sebastapol. I am a big fan of that line of teas. Especially Mother’s Milk, which I drink when nursing or not. They’ve put together something like 23 videos on how to make different herbal remedies and recipes along with tours of her herb gardens and a two hour class on woman’s health.

At first John only opened the course up for about three days and closed it and I stewed all weekend about how I didn’t get to sign up. However John opened it up for two more days. He’s closing it back down Thursday, Oct. 25th at Midnight. Want to take it with me? Click here to sign up. Let me know if you sign up, I’m going to tonight!


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9 responses to “Rain & Herbal Remedies

  1. I’m going to try some of those teas. My daughter loves herbal tea!

  2. Deborah

    Signed up for Rosemary’s course from New Zealand. Thanks :))

  3. Kris

    I signed up too. I missed it also, but wasn’t really sure I wanted to spend the money. But, in the end, after reading your post, and checking it out again…I made the plunge. 🙂 Thanks so much!

  4. I signed up and it is well worth the money. Rosemary is so delightful to watch 🙂

  5. Katrina

    I signed up and it’s been great!

  6. Lisa

    You inspired me to sign up. Looks wonderful and I can’t wait to start watching.

  7. ragdollmama@comcast.net

    Oh Man why why why did you have to send me that way too cool looking herb making info????? Now I just really got to not might could be maybe GOT TO have it!!! I have always been into doing these things and really never know the first thing about how to do it! But will they take a personal check? I bet not. Too bad then I won’t get it. I am not going back around that old credit card mountain, never again! Tammy P.s. Please let me know if they will take a check, then I will get it! I’d sure love to get one or 3.

  8. Oh, I wish I had seen your post sooner. Life has been a whirlwind lately…too many sickies in our house, too little time to concentrate on the things I want to accomplish. Ah well, too quickly the littles won’t want to snuggle on the sofa with me when they have the dreaded ick, so I’ll just have to catch the net round of herbal learning. Hope your family is feeling better, toes are mending, and sweet babies are napping!

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