A preview of what’s to come on Monday…

A preview of what’s to come on Monday…


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8 responses to “A preview of what’s to come on Monday…

  1. Jennifer Middleton

    Oh Wow! That looks good enough to eat! I love it when your brewing up body care stuff. I’m standing by impatiently 😀

  2. Helene

    Can’t Waiting unti, montay!

  3. My goodness that looks absolutely luxurious! Can’t wait for Monday. Just a thought… I totally wouldn’t mind paying for your booklet, even if you set up a pay pal account for donations. I also wouldn’t mind paying for a BOOK!!

  4. Lauren Abdulrahman

    What a tease! I will be anxiously awaiting Monday too. Thanks for all your hard work and beautiful photographs!

  5. elisamarie111

    ooo Yay!!

  6. Carol

    How exciting!!! Your chapstick and deodorant are already our family’s favorites – can’t wait to see what you’ve created! Thank you!

  7. Monday can’t come fast enough! Can hardly wait!

  8. Dmarie

    This looks rich and yummy. Hope it is something that works on heels!?!?!? I used to live in Sonoma County then moved to Reno. My heels look like San Andreas fault lines and I just can’t keep them from being cracked all the time. Any suggestions?

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