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A Clean Palette

Over the holidays we took a rather spontaneous trip down to Disneyland. We are not normally the theme park sort of people, but Disneyland can be so fun. And it was. But after four days at the Happiest Place on Earth, we returned to what is our Happiest Place on Earth. Immediately our two boys (three, if you count the oldest boy), who were visuably overwhelmed with all the commercialism, came home and make a beeline for the outside. I didn’t see them all day long as they immersed themselves in nature.
Without prompting our eight year old ripped out his summer garden. The cherry tomato that fed us to Christmas, the peppers, the basil that he picked out at the nursery in spring was all now frost killed. He hauled them out, weeded and raked the soil flat. He was the first to have his garden ready for spring planting.
Scott and I quickly followed suit. I had begun late last summer to sheet mulch a strip of flower bed that I hang my laundry by and that we walk by frequently. At one time, I can tell, it had structure and a solid plan in place, but nature quickly intervened and turned it into a wild weed patch. Fresh full of inspiration from reading Gaia’s Garden (so good!), I began sheet mulching little by little as we came across cardboard boxes. The boys and I lay a rock border to give it a defined edge and laid mulch along the path to suppress the weeds.
Now with a clean palette my mind has been going this way and that designing my new bed. Some days I think it should be for cut flowers. Other days I am sketching out plans for a medicinal herb garden for my lotions and salves, other times I want to make it a native garden for the bees. Maybe it should be planted with flowers and plants for natural dying. What do you think? What would you plant if given a clean palette?


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