Tricky sort of weekends

Weekends can be sort of tricky things around here. As most of us know, kids thrive on routine and we have that in spades during the weekdays. Finally half way into the school year, our weekdays flow through like a well oiled machine. The weekends however, sometimes trip us up. With no set schedule to follow we often falter through the first part. Should we stay at home and tackle the to-do list? Should we go out and adventure into the world? Should we relax into watching some movies? Usually there is a birthday party or some other event thrown into mix. Often our weekends become a jumble of all those things, which can be hard on the kiddos and us. The strange mixture of being bored, doing chores and then being hyped up by outside entertainment. I, and an assortment of kids, often go in one direction while Scott, and the rest of the kids, go in another. Sometimes the weekdays and their structure feel more relaxing.
And then other weekends just flow long at a very relaxed yet productive rate. This past long weekend was just that. The weather has been bitter cold every single morning for weeks now. We awaken to frozen ground but then the mid day offers the taste of spring. The littlest one followed her big brothers out into the field, I of course followed her. Flower picking turned into laying down into the flowers, “Lay down mama! Lay down!” While I soaked in the scenery and watched the bees buzz around me, the littlest and her brothers turned their attention to a found frog and a new habitat for him.
An hour later, when excitement of playing with ‘Hoppity’ died down we came inside and made a Honey Cake from Apples for Jam, a favorite cookbook around here. A very pretty cake with a pretty delicious addition of rosemary and cinnamon.

If only every weekend could be like last!


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3 responses to “Tricky sort of weekends

  1. Wow! I want to livwe in California~the weather looks wonderful. It’s negative degrees most nights 😦 Thanks for stopping by Life, Love, and Laughter in a Large Family you have soem great DIY projects. they all look like fun! I’ll be back to give them a try.

  2. that cake looks delicious! I’m so jealous you have wild flowers! All I’ve seen in Petaluma are frost tipped weeds 😦

  3. The honey cake looks beautiful, I’ve added Apples for Jam to my Amazon wish list.

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