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Flower Farmer

Flowers have started coming into the house again. Since moving here, I have this ridiculous dream that someday I will be a flower farmer. I call it ridiculous because I’m certain that it would be a tremendous amount of work, as though I didn’t already have enough to do around here. I even went so far recently as to message a woman I know who owned a flower shop if she knew anyone who would buy my flowers. There are hundreds of narcissus and snow drops here. Rows and rows of them. Immediately upon hearing her encouraging reply I realized, what was I thinking? Flowers need to be picked in the early morning and adding things to my morning routine of getting three kids out the door is not a good idea.
So for now I simply enjoy them. And wistfully read Floret Flower Farm’s blog.
A few months ago I ordered The Flower Farmer, which is a great book if you too are flower crazy. I learned that daffodils & narcissus shouldn’t be cut, but rather you grab them at their base and pull. You get another inch or two of stem doing that. Also you need to seer the ends to seal in the sap. So that I did.
Another flower tip I learned many years back is that denture tablets are your best friends when it comes to cleaning vases. For vases that are too narrow to clean, just drop a denture tablet in it, fill with warm water and let sit overnight. The next morning your vase will be clean!


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