Today we moved the car off the side of the road to let the biggest tractors we’ve ever seen drive past us to harvest this field.

I half wished that I kept the kids home from school so we could watch those big machines move and work.

Later walked down to visit a neighbors new lambs and arrived just in time to watch triplet lambs being born. Amazing. Didn’t regret missing baseball practice in order to watch.

Laughed hard when the seven kids watching shouted, ‘here comes the polenta!’ as the placenta emerged.

Will likely never eat polenta again without a chuckle.

Realized today marks two years that we decided we wanted to live here, in this house, on this street. No regrets yet!



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6 responses to “Today

  1. Baby lambs are the cutest. I’m glad you like your new home. 🙂

  2. Louise

    Photos are great! Your post on the birth of the lambs flashed me back to over 40 years ago. My dad loved to take our family every Sunday on drives through the country. One Sunday he pulled the car over quickly, had us all get out and watch a little lamb being born. That stuck with me for years. Your children will cherish all the memories and experiences you are giving them for years to come!

  3. I wish we were your neighbors–my kids would have loved to see huge tractors, triplet lambs, and “polenta”! What I wouldn’t give to have neighbors with all of these fabulous attractions–lucky you!

  4. Oh polenta! Too funny. Love the photos.

  5. My family and I live in a little town nearby called Novato. We home schooled both our daughter and son, have chickens and do organic gardening in our 1/4 acre sub-division lot. My 17 year old would have livestock if the city and the neighbors didn’t object…LOL! Just discovered your blog / web-site today.

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