State of the Garden


Despite the bugs and the drought, the garden is coming along indeed. The evening primrose is starting the bloom (the yellow petal or two you see), along with the mexican evening primrose (the pink). The cabbage and collards and carrots are keeping our bellies full. And this seems like it will be the year for peaches! Last year, after a hard prune, we only had enough peaches for eating and two jars of jam. This year we hope to add many more jars of jam to the pantry.

The raspberries seem to be coming alive quite nicely amongst the mexican evening primrose and statice.

Last year was a down year for blackberries for us as well, but this year is looking good so far! Blackberry Bars, here we come!

The hydrangea I needlessly purchased last July is about to bloom mixed with ladybells.

And look at this cute little petunia. Always wanting to be outside, always wanting to wear pink and always telling you that one day she’s ‘going to do ballet’.


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6 responses to “State of the Garden

  1. Melissa

    That sweet pink petunia is precious.

  2. juliewitt

    Gorgeous! Love your little petunia!

  3. Jo

    Your garden is beautiful! That pink petunia is out of this world! State fair blue ribbon winner right there!

  4. Chris

    What a beautiful garden! I have the same Mexican Evening Primroses…and every spring I look forward to a daily blanket of pink that lasts a month or two. Your cabbage looks wonderful! What is your trick? I didn’t see any bites taken out of it!
    Your pictures inspire me! Thank you so much for sharing them!
    And, thank you for your wisdom in using your daughter in pictures, without showing her face.

  5. TamekaGillett

    aaahh I love it! Everything is blooming here in Hawaii as well. I love the smells…the only thing that stinks are all of the mosquitoes so I’ve begun to grow tons of lavendar and cat nip. Just have to keep the cats away lol… You can see all of my flowers here

  6. Wow, your garden looks lovely–but I especially adore your sweet pink petunia! I miss that age.

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