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Patching Holes


This winter I’ve spent a handful of evenings on the couch, not knitting, but patching. I go in and out of favor in terms of patching my two boys jeans. Last fall, when school began I ordered them all new jeans. When December rolled around there were holes ripped in almost every single pair. These are rough and tumble boys, these boys of mine. With Christmas in full swing there was no time to be had patching, so I ordered them a whole new round of jeans. They had holes in them within 6 weeks. This time I took to patching. It seems rather silly in a way to spend an hour patching a hole in a $10 pair of pants. It’s so much simpler to buy them, but as I’m sure you well know, there is a worldwide price to pay in buying cheap clothes, so if I have extra time on my hands I enjoy patching them. If not for thrift or political statement then for the beauty of a little handmade on their factory made pants.

My hand knit socks had taken a beating on the heels. Unfortunately for me, these socks had been sitting in the mending basket all winter and now that the weather has turned warm, I finally found time to patch them. Since I hand knit them, there was no way I was going to toss these into the trash without trying my hand at fixing them. I had never repaired knit socks before, but I just retraced my original knitting stitches with a new strand of sock yarn and I think I found success. I’ll be all set for cozy autumn weather next October.

Patching things in this day and age seems sort of a luxury as it takes time. And not too many people have that sort of time on their hands. Usually I don’t. And I think a fair amount of people, maybe the majority of people, would rather go out shopping than sitting under a bright light with a needle and thread. I can understand that. And at certain times, I feel that way too. But most of the time I really don’t like either on-line shopping or in person shopping and I would much, much prefer to sit at home on my couch and repair what I already have. It’s a satisfying feeling to use your mind and your hands to fix and mend a broken thing that no amount of shopping could ever recreate.


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