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Making Lattes

A few weeks ago our stove top milk frother broke (It’s pictured above). I almost cried. For days I mourned it’s loss. It was a beautiful, old heavy metal, workhorse of a milk frother that cames from who knows where. The way it works is you pour water into the base, screw on the top and let it boil on the stove until enough pressure has built up, then you open the steam wand and you can froth away. It worked great. But the other morning the central screw became stripped without our knowing it and the top shot up off the frother blasting at full steam towards the ceiling and fell to the floor in the most dramatic fashion. Luckily no one was hurt, but we do have an impression of it on our ceiling so that we never forget.

As I mentioned I grieved the loss of it. I’ve become quite fond of our frequent homemade cappucinos and lattes. We are coffee people through and through. Good black coffee is hard to beat, but it’s such a treat to have a well made latte without the hassle of having to get dressed and get all the kids in the car and to a cafe. Luckily our town has an amazing drive thru cafe, but nothing beats not having to get out of your jammies!
Scott takes the ferry into San Francisco a few days a week for work and stopped by the gourmet cooking store in the Ferry Building. We didn’t want anything too big, or expensive, or anything that needed to be plugged in. They pointed him to this Frabosk Milk Frother. It’s Italian, so that was a good clue that it was going too be good. And it is! And so easy to use. It highly recommend it. You just heat the milk up, then take it off the heat, put on the top and pump that black handle up and down for about a minute and you have perfect foam. Seriously perfect foam.
We’re back in business!

Oh, tomorrow there will be a new giveaway!


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