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$50 Pharmaca Giveaway

Every once in a while a company will contact me to do a give away here, but usually I’ll turn them down. If I don’t already shop at the store or buy the product I don’t feel good about sponsoring it here. But a few weeks ago a store I already shop at, Pharmaca, contacted me about doing a giveaway and I had to say Yes! Pharmaca is an integrative pharmacy that carries both mainstream pharmaceuticals as well as all natural products. For a person like me, who tries to approach our healthcare as naturally as we can, this place is a super fun place to shop. We have a Pharmaca here in Sonoma and I go every couple of months to stock up on various things our family needs. I try and only go every couple of months because it’s very easy to go on an overly indulgent shopping spree when I get inside.
Pharmaca also sent me a gift certificate so that I could purchase some things to show you. I went in over the weekend with the thought that school was starting soon and that meant colds were going to start cycling through our house very soon. Just a few weeks ago we had a cold take it’s turn going through the family, but Scott and I stopped it by taking zinc & elderberry lozenges. I bought some more at Pharmaca in a small bag to keep in my purse. These aren’t the same brand as I bought before, but the combination of zinc and elderberry is great at stopping colds, so I have every hope they’ll help us.
A lifetime ago I traveled to Tuscany to study ceramics and my roommate there was from Austria. She was in medical school to become a naturopathic doctor and she had a terrible cold. A horrible, terrible cold and her bed was just a few feet away from mine…I had three weeks left in my trip and I did not want to get that cold. She gave me some echinacea tincture drops regularly to put underneath my tongue (they absorb faster) and I never did get her cold. She gave me my first few lessons in natural health care all those years ago. I know there are other immune boosters and other ways to ingest echinacea, but I prefer to put the tincture drops under my tongue because it always reminds me of her and that dreamy time spent throwing pots in Italy.
I also am trying out this Kick it Allergy for Kids by WishGarden. Our oldest son has been hit again by allergies the past two weeks which activates his asthma. I have no idea what is in the air this time of year, but this happens every year. When I was in Pharmaca, I found two different homeopathic allergy brands that kids could take. I wasn’t sure which one to pick so I casually asked the man stocking the shelves in the children’s section for advice. He was able to give me a well informed answer and help me figure out which one would work best. You couldn’t find that kind of help from someone stocking the shelves at a mainstream drugstore! I hope it helps.
I stocked up on our favorite Badger brand sunscreen. I like them because they have really safe ingredients in them and they smell fantastic. Often we buy the Badger Kids Sunscreen and I was thinking of buying the Badger Sport Sunscreen by Pharmaca since it’s soccer season. But in thinking of an upcoming camping trip we’ll be taking I ended up getting the anti-bug sunscreen.

At the end of the trip through the store I picked up some lavender essential oil, which I had run out of and a bar of chocolate…because well…that’s health food for me!

So about the giveaway:

Pharmaca is offering one $50 gift certificate to one lucky winner. Please note that this gift certificate is good for use in-stores only, so make sure to check that there is a store near you. I’ll close the contest at 9pm pacific time Monday, August 26th and I’ll announce the winner on Tuesday, August 27th. Sound good? To enter just leave a comment below and let me know about your favorite all natural health product.  All closed now, thank you!

Good Luck!


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