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A Winner and a Tip to Control Aphids


Last night Random Number Generator told me that Kimberly of An At Home Daughter was our Pharmaca gift card winner! Congratulations Kimberly!

I just wanted to show you these broccoli plants. They’re romanesco broccoli, which are great fun to grow, we’ve done it in the past. This year we planted the seeds in either late January or early February and they are just now forming heads of broccoli! The plants are absolutely huge and at this point in the season are full of aphids. Scott asked a lady at Sonoma Mission Gardens about how to control them and her advice was to sprinkle a little gypsum onto the heads. She said, ‘you don’t like to eat food with sand in it, do you? Gypsum is like sand to aphids.’ So we’re going to give it a try and we’ll let you know.


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