Daily Archives: September 9, 2013

Thoughts on the Present

thinking :: this labor day trip to sea ranch seems a lifetime ago

hoping :: that scott is safe & happy far out in the pacific ocean fishing for tuna

also hoping :: he catches his limit

feeling :: so happy to see smiling faces on my boys as they came home from their first full day of school

thankful for :: a cold pool on such a hot day, what a mood changer

keeping fingers crossed :: that the fire on mt. diablo gets contained soon (too close to where my parents live)

recovering from :: coming back over the hill from Petaluma to see billows of dark black smoke yesterday and thinking it was coming straight from our neighborhood, luckily it was further east

planning on :: buying a fire proof safe and doing a rain dance

contemplating :: that I might just feed my bees some syrup, last inspection shows they had more honey last month than they do today

oh this dry, dry year…


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