a Morning Light and an Evening Walk


(morning light above)

Things are starting to get gorgeous around here.

The other night we took another walk past this pond to see it filled with Canadian Geese. They were stopping while on their migration. Moving out here I’m learning that the sound of autumn includes flocks of honking geese overhead.

Have a great weekend friends.

(We picked a few of those prickly pears and made prickly pear margaritas. They were so good, I’m thinking of venturing out with the leather gloves to pick a few more.)


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4 responses to “a Morning Light and an Evening Walk

  1. Naomi

    Hi Kendra! Its always gorgeous where you live!! Miss you!!

  2. Kerry

    Hi Kendra, I live in Alberta, Canada and also have three young children. I love gardening and I love reading your blog! I was touched that you gave props to the geese today- since I was a child I’ve marveled at their migratory habits. I’m so glad that they are appreciated as they head south. Thanks for making my day!

  3. Tori

    Forget the gloves; use tongs instead. Makes for easy picking. 🙂

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