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Knitting and Reading


I’m joining in with Ginny’s knitting & reading today. After knitting my latest sweater, I hit a bit of a knitting lull. My fingers needed a break and when they were ready to start again, I went for small needles and a little colorwork. This Bayard beanie is a great hat project. I made another one of these last winter. It has just the right amount of slouch to it and has this neat design detail in the back that gives it character. If you haven’t tried working with two colors before, this is a good intro project since you don’t have to carry the second color in your left hand. You only work with one color at a time, there aren’t any tangles or confusion about which color should wrap around which finger.

That said, I’ve ripped this hat back three times. I’ve become somewhat of a knitting perfectionist in certain cases. What you see at top got ripped out and then reknit on Sunday at the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass festival. My oldest son and I went together specifically to see Steve Martin & Edie Brickell, the latter who I’ve adored since high school. We both brought our knitting and at one point as I looked around there were three other women knitting. Apparently we sat right down in the knitting section of the Banjo stage. Alas, concert knitting results in something that once again I had to rip out. Good thing it’s enjoyable knitting project.

As for reading, I’m reading Small Wonder by Barbara Kingsolver. I read her book Animal, Vegetable Miracle a few years back and this is another work of non-fiction. It’s an older book, written after 9/11 happened. It’s beautiful! Just right for this season, I think.

Are you knitting or reading anything good these days?


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