My Skin Care Routine :: Exfoliating & Nourishing

This change of seasons has really taken a toll on my skin. Yours too? In the last two weeks or so I’ve noticed a definite shift in the seasons and my skin has been so dry. I had run out of homemade body butter a month ago and my skin seemed to be happy with just using coconut oil as a morning lotion for a while, but last week I could tell that wasn’t going to be enough going forward into autumn and winter. My arms were aching they were so dry and my face too, while normally ‘normal’ skin, had big dry flakes on it. Yuck! My arms and legs were a simple fix, I just made another batch of body butter.
My face took an extra step. After a gentle reminder from a friend, I remembered that it’s really important to exfoliate your face a few times a week to get better skin. Without exfoliating your skin will look good at first, as all the dead skin cells cover your pores. But after a short time, those pores will become clogged and then they’ll start break out. That’s not what you want, you want to gently scrub all those dead skin cells away! All last winter I had exfoliated my face regularly, but I had let that habit go over the summer. Sunday night I took a of couple minutes to whip up a new batch of the microdermabraision facial scrub, hopped in the shower and in no time my face was in a better place. Using that facial scrub really does make such a huge difference in my face. And it’s so nice that I don’t have to buy it and since the ingredients are so basic I always have them on hand.

The other thing I’ve been using on my face the past two months is pomegranate seed oil. I’ve been putting it on my face every morning after my shower. That too has made a big difference in my skin! I get a lot of sun over the summer. Despite my best attempts at sunscreen and sun hats, my face gets it’s fair share. This oil has really helped me feel like my skin is healthy and hydrated. Unlike other oily things like coconut oil or shea butter or even olive oil, this pomegranate seed oil does not feel oily. Or even look oily. To me it gives it that natural, hydrated, dewy look that we’re all going for. Pomegranate seed oil is known for promoting skin cell regeneration and is high in antioxidants which help in anti-aging.

Pomegranate seed oil isn’t terribly cheap, but this 2 oz. jar will easy last me 6-8 months of daily use. That to me works out to be a pretty good deal. I’ve never had the best skin. Never will I have ‘porcelain’ skin, yet I’m trying my best to nourish my skin and keep it happy and healthy.
Do you have any winter beauty habits that help your skin stay hydrated?


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4 responses to “My Skin Care Routine :: Exfoliating & Nourishing

  1. Randi

    I’m glad I’m not the only one this windy, dry weather is taking its toll on! Last week I started using a complexion brush for exfoliation, and I’ve been using your beeswax lotion on my face. I’m thinking about making up a new batch with a splash of tamanu oil, but maybe I’ll try pomegranate instead. Thanks for the tips!

  2. Thank you for the reminder, Kendra! I live in Seattle and while we do have a lot of humidity in the air from the rain, it’s been especially dry this fall. Like yours, my skin has been dry, tight and flakey. I can’t wait to try the recipes for your facial scrub and body butter. I’ve been using straight-up EV olive oil on my face but your good results with pomegranate seed oil has got me thinking. I’m going to get a small bottle and try it. Thanks again.

  3. i’ve exfoliated my face with honey, evoo, and brown sugar before, also with baking soda. my friend mixed up something with oatmeal for me too. i really must remember to do this more regularly. thanks for the encouragement. i love this blog!

  4. Elizabeth

    This cold dry air blowing around is messing with my skin too. I’ve had acne since junior high, despite my dreams of it disappearing in adulthood. Lately, I’ve had pretty good success taming it and exfoliating the skin by applying a Vitamin C solution (1/4 tsp dissolved in a few drops of hot water) to my face at night, then exfoliating with a damp washcloth in the morning. The dead skin just sloughs off. I follow this with a splash of Thayer’s Original witch hazel tonic and my own blend of oils: either coconut oil and Oshadhi Stress Relief blend (sandalwood, lavender, ravensare) (more astringent), or coconut and Vit. E oil straight from the capsule (more moisturizing). Massage gently and enjoy a fresh dewy look that feels good and heals the skin!

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