Slowing down as we rush forward.


The dark days are here, aren’t they? October went by so very fast, that I made it a priority for November and December that we slow down a bit. I cancelled all after school activities for the two months which has given us all a great sigh of relief. With inspiration from Alicia, last year I bought a bunch of candles on timers and set them all up through out the house after the time changed. It’s so nice to walk down the dark hallway and have a little light waiting for me next to my bedside.

My parents took a brave step and watched all three kids for one night last week. We’ve never known such luxury! We were besides ourselves with free time. While Scott finished up with work, I rushed over to Petaluma to Knitterly and fell upon a few other fantastic little shops. I found Fog Linens at Good Gray along with a little dustpan and broom for little spills (that happen hourly in our kitchen). I’m thinking that the pink yarn will be made into an Ice Cream Sundae for the wee one and the Madeline Tosh is already being transformed into a Relax for me. ‘Relax’, that sounds perfect for me!

The chickens have been impressing me by still giving us plenty of eggs everyday. Dark days haven’t stopped their laying habits thankfully. Scott’s been on a roll with creative cooking lately. Handing me some homemade salmon caviar as a snack the other day and making avocado sandwiches for lunch. That sandwich was incredible, toasted, rubbed with garlic, sliced perfectly ripe avocado and a drizzle of oil & salt & pepper. It was perfect.

I hope you’re able to find some slow time and enjoyment as we rush forward into the holidays.


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4 responses to “Slowing down as we rush forward.

  1. You’re right on. Parents today take on waaaay too much junk with commitments and the purchase of toys.

  2. Kendra, I just love your posts. Your prose and images are just so comforting and lovely.

  3. I’m boggled that we’re in mid-November…where do the days go? I love your plan to slow down and wish I could embrace it. I actually did a little happy dance yesterday when I realized the kids only have two more piano lessons, then none until the end of January when they resume–hooray! Actually, the only after school activity besides that is girlie’s riding lessons and team practice. Still, things are trying to slow down here, too. Beautiful photos…and your husband’s treats look wonderful! Enjoy!

  4. We have been hurrying around to clean up the outdoor deck, update the living room furniture and start holiday crafts. My husband and I could really use an evening of relaxation. I think I will call them later to find out when they can take the kids for a few hours.

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