They’re Here

So we’re in it, aren’t we? The holiday season. I had big plans of showing you all the things you can make for your loved ones and I plan on doing that in a day or two, but today, well, let’s take a pause from the shopping/making madness. Here’s a peek out of our kitchen window the past couple of days. The starlings are back, though it seems in smaller quantities than the previous couple of years. It’s quite a sight, watching them swoop and land. Take off at once and sail through the sky. The noise of them overhead sounds almost thunderous. They make us all stop in our tracks.
In another few days, we’ll talk crafting and baking. There’s plenty of time, don’t worry.


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5 responses to “They’re Here

  1. Jennifer

    Great pics of the starlings! They are not my favorite bird due to their raucousness and they hog all the suet. However, like you say, I can stand and watch their sky acrobatics all day long, and be genuinley impressed. Thanks for sharing the starlings, they do deserve ‘a bit’ of applaud 😀

  2. I love seeing the Starlings. I remember when we first moved to Knight’s Valley in our little farm house and I heard this amazing sound and went outside to be absolutely shocked at the sight: a million shimmering starlings in the large Bay, Oak and Pine trees overhead. It was a truly amazing sight and the sound was overwhelming. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Victoria

    Thanks for reminding us to take pause in the madness all around this time of year. God provides us a new and beautiful experience every day if we take the time to look at His glorious masterpiece.

  4. OMG, what awesome pictures! I remember the first time I saw a flock I was driving south from Cloverdale, and there was a big flock super high in the sky, a big dark shadow swirling around. I seriously thought it was a crazy UFO or something. I had never seen so many birds before!

  5. I am visiting from Communal Global and will now be eating leftovers instead of the dinner I had planned because I have been reading your wonderful blog…then I clicked on your link and read more about beekeeping as our neighbors just started to do that this spring. Such a fun blog! Thanks for leaving a comment!

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