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Relax & Knitting Roadkill


I finished Relax the other week. You may have remembered that I have been working on this knitting project since early November. The stockinette knitting seamed to go on and on without end. This winter I was able to take a great chunk of time to sit and devote to knitting and through that I was able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Now that it’s finished, I’m so happy with it. It’s a boxy fit, which it totally freeing as a knitter, because one main worry I always have when making a sweater is, ‘is this thing going to actually fit me?’ I didn’t have this worry this time. I love the drapey, loose fit. Totally worth all those months of stockinette. I might even make another….just maybe. If you are a beginning knitter or someone who loves a mindless knit (or mindful knit, depending on your mindset), you should certainly make this. It’s my favorite sweater at the moment.

(My apologies for the oh so serious self portrait in the mirror. I am absolutely am the worst at taking photos of sweaters I knit, most end up as badly cropped mirror shots.)

In other knitting news my son was playing out in the front yard by where we park our car last fall and found this in the bushes. Oh the horror! This is one of my fingerless gloves that like the above sweater I labored over for months upon months. A number of years ago my girlfriend and I took our kids up to Glen Ellen to Brookfarm Alpaca and I came home with this insanely soft alpaca yarn. And then I found this fingerless glove pattern that was insanely intricate. And knit on insanely small #1 needles. Should I ever go blind, all my blame will be placed on this knitting project! It’s no fault of the amazing yarn nor of the beautiful pattern. It was purely my fault for mixing fluffy charcoal colored yarn with an intricate pattern on a teeny tiny needle. The end result, much like the sweater above was divine. Alpaca might even be more luxurious that cashmere, those gloves were so soft. They were what I wore every cold morning. But now the left one was left as roadkill, probably fell out the car door one day last winter.

A new pair of fingerless gloves will go on the To-Knit list, but maybe I’ll either pick a smoother, light colored yarn for that pattern, or a simple pattern for that alpaca this time around.


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Spring in the Asparagus Patch


For the first day of Spring, I thought it only appropriate that I show you pictures of asparagus. It has been coming up for a few weeks and the wee one and I go check on it every couple of days. For the record, this is not how you should be keeping your asparagus patch. I know that. Though the asparagus spears may look pretty emerging out of weeds and we may feel like wild foragers searching for it, asparagus likes a nice weed free, well composted and mulched growing bed. Do as we say, not as we do, friends. This winter we got too caught up in tasks that weren’t related to asparagus patch weeding. Sorry asparagus, next year we’ll do better for you.

The kids aren’t so hot on eating asparagus, which is surprising, because they aren’t picky. You can sneak a lot over on my kids, though, by pickling whatever their vegetable foe is. So I did a quick pickle by heating up 1/3c. water + 1/3c. white vinegar and a dash of salt. Into the half pint jar I put asparagus tips, one peeled clove of garlic, some fresh tarragon, and a few red pepper flakes. I poured the hot vinegar mixture over it and when it cooled I put it in the fridge. In previous years I’ve canned them in a hot water bath, but since we only had enough for one jar that day, we’re keeping it for immediate eating. Yum.

Happy Spring!


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Weekend Life

Oh wow, thank you all so much for your comments! They give me inspiration. Again endless thank yous!

Well, this past weekend the weather in Sonoma was glorious. Mid 70’s and not a cloud in sight. I heard someone say that for every Californian who didn’t go outside that weekend, an angel lost their wings. Goodness, I’d hate for that to happen so we all spent as much of our time soaking in as much Vitamin D as we could.
The children split their time between little league games and playing in the creek. Our middle child could easily spend every last waking moment searching for tadpoles, frogs, crawdads, snakes, and rocks. In fact most days he does that indeed. He caught a frog and put it in the little pond we built by our front door. Much to his older brother chagrin (his bedroom window is right next to the pond), the frog likes it there very much and croaks as loud as anything you’ve heard. We’ve also now got tadpoles in that little pond for daily observation. And don’t get me started on the piles and piles of rocks we have stashed in assorted piles and jean pockets in our house!

So while they were busy getting as wet and muddy as possible, I weeded. And I’m proud to say that Scott and I calculated and I accomplished clearing out one half of one percent of all the weeding we have before us. Oh, it’s a tough challenge, keeping up with the weeds. It’s like an epic battle, Humans against Weeds. Until we get a great barrier wall erected around our garden, we have no choice but to take up garden glove and trowel and fight the mighty fight.
As with starting over from a blog break, I headed outside and wondered where in the sam hill to begin. This was the spot I tackled this weekend, a shady spot by a pathway we’re redoing. With my head down and my hands busy, it’s easy to get lost in a little micro world.
Then I sat back and stretched my eyes out, oh what a view.


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The Sprouting of Spring


My goodness, how does one start after such a long break? It’s been a dry winter. So dry that the hills and fields remained with the dry, brown look of summer well into February. Which is when we got 15″ of rain in one weekend. Then a few more storms followed and now, finally, at long last we have mud puddles and brilliant green growing at such an astounding rate, it’s almost audible. Before, going outside, would often make me feel more down and out than when I was inside. Seeing all the brown, dead, middle of winter landscape. Now, now I feel renewed hope in it all. Maybe even though we don’t have as much rain as we need, there will still be growth and flowers and greenery.

At first I took a blog break just for the holidays, but then the new year came around with a whole new set of projects and trips and other seemingly monumental hurdles for our family. So I kept silent, which makes it even harder to come back to writing. Where do you start? What should I say? Who’s even reading this? Who am I to share about my life? Am I sharing too much? Am I sharing too little? What is the idea of sharing to people you don’t know anyway? Are we as a society sharing too much? Oh, you see what a mess can be made from too much thinking. I tend to stall a lot of projects by getting too caught up in the thinking end of it.

I’ve missed this creative outlet for myself, so I stopped thinking and I’m back to doing. It’s spring, time to put on the mud boots, get outside and start weeding & planting.

I hope you’ve been well. You’ll be hearing more from me again soon.


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