Daily Archives: March 12, 2014

The Sprouting of Spring


My goodness, how does one start after such a long break? It’s been a dry winter. So dry that the hills and fields remained with the dry, brown look of summer well into February. Which is when we got 15″ of rain in one weekend. Then a few more storms followed and now, finally, at long last we have mud puddles and brilliant green growing at such an astounding rate, it’s almost audible. Before, going outside, would often make me feel more down and out than when I was inside. Seeing all the brown, dead, middle of winter landscape. Now, now I feel renewed hope in it all. Maybe even though we don’t have as much rain as we need, there will still be growth and flowers and greenery.

At first I took a blog break just for the holidays, but then the new year came around with a whole new set of projects and trips and other seemingly monumental hurdles for our family. So I kept silent, which makes it even harder to come back to writing. Where do you start? What should I say? Who’s even reading this? Who am I to share about my life? Am I sharing too much? Am I sharing too little? What is the idea of sharing to people you don’t know anyway? Are we as a society sharing too much? Oh, you see what a mess can be made from too much thinking. I tend to stall a lot of projects by getting too caught up in the thinking end of it.

I’ve missed this creative outlet for myself, so I stopped thinking and I’m back to doing. It’s spring, time to put on the mud boots, get outside and start weeding & planting.

I hope you’ve been well. You’ll be hearing more from me again soon.


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