Weekend Life

Oh wow, thank you all so much for your comments! They give me inspiration. Again endless thank yous!

Well, this past weekend the weather in Sonoma was glorious. Mid 70’s and not a cloud in sight. I heard someone say that for every Californian who didn’t go outside that weekend, an angel lost their wings. Goodness, I’d hate for that to happen so we all spent as much of our time soaking in as much Vitamin D as we could.
The children split their time between little league games and playing in the creek. Our middle child could easily spend every last waking moment searching for tadpoles, frogs, crawdads, snakes, and rocks. In fact most days he does that indeed. He caught a frog and put it in the little pond we built by our front door. Much to his older brother chagrin (his bedroom window is right next to the pond), the frog likes it there very much and croaks as loud as anything you’ve heard. We’ve also now got tadpoles in that little pond for daily observation. And don’t get me started on the piles and piles of rocks we have stashed in assorted piles and jean pockets in our house!

So while they were busy getting as wet and muddy as possible, I weeded. And I’m proud to say that Scott and I calculated and I accomplished clearing out one half of one percent of all the weeding we have before us. Oh, it’s a tough challenge, keeping up with the weeds. It’s like an epic battle, Humans against Weeds. Until we get a great barrier wall erected around our garden, we have no choice but to take up garden glove and trowel and fight the mighty fight.
As with starting over from a blog break, I headed outside and wondered where in the sam hill to begin. This was the spot I tackled this weekend, a shady spot by a pathway we’re redoing. With my head down and my hands busy, it’s easy to get lost in a little micro world.
Then I sat back and stretched my eyes out, oh what a view.


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12 responses to “Weekend Life

  1. Lisa

    What a glorious place you live. You are very fortunate indeed. Beautiful.

  2. What a perfect, gorgeous weekend! Our kids made a “pond” out of a plastic, under-the-bed storage container last year, replete with tadpoles and salamander eggs cases–that hatched! It was pretty cool, except for the frogs singing under OUR bedroom window! I feel for your son! I think this is the year that we’ll finally break down and build a real pond. The kids will love it. So glad you enjoyed your weekend! (And boy–I HEAR you about the weeds. Oh my.)

  3. I rarely have the opportunity to comment on anything (I’m a full time momma and freelance artist), but I felt compelled to just say thank you. I know it may not seem like much, but your pictures bring a sense of peace to me. They’re always beautiful. Your emails are informative and creative. 🙂 I always enjoy receiving your emails in my inbox.

  4. Julie

    My brother & SIL, and my nephew and niece live in the same region as you, so I love to see what’s going on in your region….it makes me feel more connected to what’s going on in their world…thanks!
    Oh…and I can totally relate….I have frog & toad hunters here in my family ;>)

  5. Barbara Eisele

    Yes, it has been beautiful in Southern CA these past few days! Thank you for sharing your lovely view!

  6. Nice! But yes, weeds are a pain.

  7. Karen Armstrong

    What an absolute joy and delight to read your blogs and view the beauty that you’ve captured with your eyes and camera…thank you.

  8. Sherry

    I love seeing your pictures of the area and your lovely family and how peaceful it seems. I have never been to Ca. thanks for sharing and giving me a look at another part of our states. Keep your information coming.

  9. What a wonderful, wonderful world! I want a frog pond by my front door!!!!

  10. Thank you for coming back to Blogland. I love reading your Blog and seeing your garden and surrounding hillsides of Sonoma. I grew up in the Napa Valley and miss it terribly. I have now lived in Tennessee longer than I lived in Napa but I will always miss the beautiful valleys and the vineyards and the ocean nearby. Keep on writing and sharing the beauty of California with all of us.

  11. I enjoyed your photos. Here in upstate NY the ground still has snow covering it. I did a trip to Ca this past Feb. went to UC Davis and took a mead making course. Drove around Napa valley, had a wonderful time. Happy Spring! Diane

  12. Chris

    Thank you for your wonderful blog! Yours is the only blog that I actually read! And, as Brenda (above) said, “Your pictures bring a sense of peace.” I feel the same. (And…don’t worry about the weeds. They are just plants we haven’t figured-out yet!)

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