Spring in the Asparagus Patch


For the first day of Spring, I thought it only appropriate that I show you pictures of asparagus. It has been coming up for a few weeks and the wee one and I go check on it every couple of days. For the record, this is not how you should be keeping your asparagus patch. I know that. Though the asparagus spears may look pretty emerging out of weeds and we may feel like wild foragers searching for it, asparagus likes a nice weed free, well composted and mulched growing bed. Do as we say, not as we do, friends. This winter we got too caught up in tasks that weren’t related to asparagus patch weeding. Sorry asparagus, next year we’ll do better for you.

The kids aren’t so hot on eating asparagus, which is surprising, because they aren’t picky. You can sneak a lot over on my kids, though, by pickling whatever their vegetable foe is. So I did a quick pickle by heating up 1/3c. water + 1/3c. white vinegar and a dash of salt. Into the half pint jar I put asparagus tips, one peeled clove of garlic, some fresh tarragon, and a few red pepper flakes. I poured the hot vinegar mixture over it and when it cooled I put it in the fridge. In previous years I’ve canned them in a hot water bath, but since we only had enough for one jar that day, we’re keeping it for immediate eating. Yum.

Happy Spring!


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10 responses to “Spring in the Asparagus Patch

  1. I have planted asparagus in three different gardens and never had success with them. Now I don’t have room but I still dream about having my own asparagus bed.

  2. Angela

    Try giving the kids asparagus raw. It tastes like peas!

  3. Jo

    Their little purple heads are beautiful!

  4. The grass is for weed suppression. Right?

  5. I can’t believe I’ve never had pickled asparagus before! I love pickled anything. This recipe is going in the books. I have a very picky 7 year old but she loves pickled okra so maybe this will be another veggie I can sneak onto her dinner plate. Thanks for sharing this. I’ll let you know how the pickling goes!

  6. First of all, I’m really happy to see you back! I’ve missed your blog posts, and will continue reading as long as you continue writing. It’s great to see your asparagus growing so nicely. It must be wonderful to have them around, I’m not so lucky. I am, though, incredibly lucky in having a wonderful father-in-law that has them growing wild in a land he owns and works. He just brought me (today) two bags full of beautiful, tender, slender, wild asparagus, the tastiest things I have ever put in my mouth. So, any suggestions on how to gobble them up are more than welcome! I love them raw, just broken into small segments and seasoned with a tangy vinaigrette, but will welcome any other suggestions! 🙂

  7. The Editors of Garden Variety

    Pickled asparagus…..sounds divine!

  8. Toni

    Thank you for coming back to your blog, I missed reading your tales.
    I just planted asparagus last summer (here in MN) and I am excited to see if it comes back. We did mulch so I’m hoping it comes. I love to see your garden, and weeds… We still have piles and piles of snow here. It is snow as I write. I hope one day it will be warm enough to have something anything green.

  9. Your asparagus looks so yummy. I have never tried to grow it, but would love to try it some time. I love to eat it!

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