When Life Gives You Dead Trees….


We’ve had a lot of trees die on us this winter. A lot. We’ve had to hire tree guys to take down three trees and we’ll have to take down a number of dead fruit trees ourselves. We were starting to take it personally, but the tree guys said they’ve been very busy this spring. This winter was just too hard on the trees. Too cold and too dry.

One tree that we had to have take down was a redwood. Most of the other trees we had cut into firewood length pieces because we installed a wood burning fireplace insert this winter. Redwoods don’t make for good firewood, so Scott had them take it down in four, ten foot sections. He had some sort of plan up his sleeve, but I didn’t know what.

One day he headed outside with his chainsaw and started cutting. Then he got the boys involved and they started ripping off bark. And then the sanding commenced. And he sanded and he sanded and he sanded.

And now we have this beautiful new bench. He did good, didn’t he?


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11 responses to “When Life Gives You Dead Trees….

  1. Barbara Eisele

    What a beautiful way to remember a lovely tree and add something lovely to your garden and your lives.

  2. Jean

    That’s absolutely beautiful! You have a talented husband! I know you all will enjoy your time sitting there & planning your next garden.

  3. He did an amazing job on the bench! It is so beautiful! It is a good thing redwood doesn’t make great firewood!

  4. Jennifer

    When life deals dead trees, make Art! I love it! Those of us who live in California are going to see some nature hardship this year. It’s crazy dry out there. And our honeybees will suffer as well due to not enough bloom. Scary ~

  5. That wood is GORGEOUS! What a great find. 🙂

  6. Yes he did! What a beautiful way to remember your tree!

  7. He did FANTASTIC!!!!!! It’s beautiful 🙂

  8. Katrina

    New life for a tree… It’s beautiful!

  9. Jo

    Impressed as always; what a great idea, and that wood has such beautiful colors and textures.

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