Out the Window

We don’t maintain this side of the yard very well. There is so much of our yard in plain view that needs to be pruned and weeded and well watered. This side of our yard often gets forgotten, yet look, it’s thriving. How does that work? Without a drop of water in the summer, without much human touch, it’s growing into a wild and verdant, flower filled country jungle. I like it this way. We’ve been re-doing the area directly in back of our house into a straight-lined, open, orderly spot. In doing so I worried that somehow that would domino effect the entire yard into an orderly, squared off sort of garden. Part of me likes that order, but we moved here for the wild-ness of it all. So our new personal landscape philosophy is Order Turning Towards Wild. Areas right in front and in back will tend towards the orderly, but the further you venture, we’ll let things turn wild and untamed. At least that’s what we’re aiming for.

This is the side of the house that the children’s windows look out upon and I find it fitting that they look out onto the wild side. The bees live on this side. There is a pathway that was once maintained and that only they fit through now.

Next time I write, I’ll show you the order. For now, I leave you with the wild.



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6 responses to “Out the Window

  1. “Wild by Design” by Margi Ruddick(Landscape Architect) states; “A Very Strong Formal Hand, but I like a certain amount of Mess. That’s where life happens.” I loved this so much, and have followed your musings and beautiful blog many years. Had to reassure you that truly, a certain amount of Mess, that is where LIFE happens. Worth repeating.

  2. Jean

    Wild is good, as long as you can get the door open. Too many times folk want to trim things into an unnatural shape.

  3. How incredibly wonderful to have philadelphus out the bedroom window. That, especially with a mockingbird singing away in it, would be the best way to wake up in the Spring!

  4. Diana

    Personally – I have always preferred the ‘wild side’ of things. But truly I know that an orderly garden area is as beautiful in its own way. I am a little bit late in posting this comment – but just want to say that I am so glad you have started your blog again this spring and am enjoying your posts once again!

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  6. Wonderful Garden of beautiful colors! I like the design and order!

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