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Blooming today

I guess what it comes down to is a lack of habit. That’s why I go through periods of blog breaks. I can make excuses here and there but really it’s a lack of daily writing & photographing habit that keeps my sharing it with you a spotty one. There are so many habits folks talk about that I wish I could pick up on, do you feel that too? If only you spent 15 minutes a day exercising, you’d be in shape in no time. 15 minutes of tidying your house everyday will keep it in good shape for company. 15 minutes of daily mediating will change your life. 15 minutes of writing and you’ll have a novel in no time flat. Declutter for 15 minutes a day and you’ll live in an orderly household. 15 minutes to practice guitar each day and you’ll be strumming your favorite songs in no time. If I were disciplined and had no outside factors weighing in on my time and attention, I could schedule my day into neat and tidy 15 minutes segments and probably accomplish a lot more than I currently do.
As it is, those outside factors weigh heavily on my days and I hungrily have to steal away whatever moment I get to photograph and write. Please bare with me.
Flowers are blooming. Many of these I have grown from seed, which is an accomplishment I’m quite proud of. We grow vegetables from seed all the time, but for some reason I always bought my flowers as plants from the nursery. The sweet peas were a rough growing road, as I dutifully followed Floret’s advise and planted seeds in January in custom made potting mix, placed them on the sunny patch on my washing machine and then heard them fall, as the vibrations of the running machine tossed the entire tray onto the garage floor. Oh my! In a crying mess, I heaped it all back together and placed them outside and forgot about them, but the relentless seeds grew anyway and I transplanted them, not knowing which variety was which. I’m just so glad to have any at all.
The echinacea I’m so very glad to see blooming as this was another seed I started over a year ago. I must grow more.
This nicotina? Though I didn’t plant the seed myself, it reseeds readily and I don’t do a thing to stop it. So beautiful. The great big bumblebees love it.
These majolica poppies were here when we moved in three years ago and were blooming a bit. The next year they did nothing. Last year I gave them a tough love talk and told them that was their last year, if they didn’t bloom I was going to rip them out. They didn’t bloom. I ripped them out. Little did I know they have a remarkable root system and came right back over winter and are blooming once more. So very beautiful!

I have another flower blooming that I grew from seed for a very special purpose. I’ll show you next time.


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