How the Summer of Freedom is Going


This summer, so far, has been one of my favorites. This is one of the first summers in years when either I haven’t been pregnant or having to run continuously after very small children. The wee one, at 3 and a half, is old enough to join her big brothers through their activities, which leaves us all a little bit more room for freedom. Sometime in mid-June we discovered a mother quail sitting on her clutch of eggs between the lavender row. One early morning my oldest son saw two quail parents walk through our front yard with a trail of teeny tiny babies. As soon as they got dressed, the kids went to check on the nest and indeed they had hatched!

Art and drawing have been constants. Our two tables look like this nearly constantly. At Amy Karol’s suggestion, I bought this fantastic art book to help give them direction when they need it. Which hasn’t been too often, they are usually quite self motivated when it comes to drawing, however it’s a handy book to keep in my back pocket for when they are ‘so bored!’.

Flower arranging, soccer card organization, and drawing fishing lures have been favorite activities.

The other month, Sunset magazine, came out with an issue containing their 25 best recipes of all time and I’m on a quest to try all of them. This Dutch Baby was, easy, and a big hit with the kids.

It’s no surprise that since the quail nest finding, searching out other bird nests has become near obsession. Taking pictures of them has become a ‘big thing’, along with many calls from me to ‘not get too close!’ and ‘don’t touch anything near the nest!’.

Though keeping all three kids at home is far from peaceful (they’ve also been perfecting the art & craft of bickering), the absence of having to drive them all over town and pack them lunches has calmed all of us down considerably. Close friends have commented to me on their visits that I look more relaxed and even my most high spirited son seems calmer than they’ve ever seen him. Keep it coming Summer of Freedom, keep it coming.


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11 responses to “How the Summer of Freedom is Going

  1. soyoung Lee

    your blog always keeps me realize that there is a beauty remaining in this world when we look around. I love hearing from you and looking at your vibrant pictures. thank you!

  2. It sounds like summer is treating your family so nicely. I love the slow-down of summer, even if there’s a lot to do, everything feels a bit more slow, savory, and wonderful. Hope you continue having an amazing summer!

  3. Jennifer

    Dutch babies! Now you’ve got my mouth watering! I’m heading for the flour, eggs, and milk….

  4. PERI

    Love this Newsletter!

  5. Those quail babies are too precious!

  6. The quail are demolishing my garden, any ideas?

    • asonomagarden

      We haven’t had much damage from quail in our garden but our friend has. He ended up doing netting over everything. It’s a pain to do, but it worked!

  7. Love quail families. So Bambi like.

  8. Susan Roubal

    Be sure to try the Dutch Baby with sliced strawberries and bananas in strawberry syrup: Incredible! The quail story is fun! Idea: Have the kids write and illustrate their own story about it!

  9. This will be a summer for your kids to remember. Sound idyllic!

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