Cucumber Abundance


Apparently the cucumbers are more than happy in their new bed. We’ve been getting inundated with them for the past week or so and luckily I don’t think it’s going to stop anytime soon. It feels good to get a good, abundant harvest again. So many other priorities rudely interfered with our usual spring garden routines this year that we’ve been feeling weak in the whole growing department. But look, we have cucumbers. It’s a start.

We planted about five or six different kinds. I’d carefully explain which each variety is, but those tags are buried deep beneath those tangled vines. That will have to wait for another time. Needless to say, they are all good and I’m so enjoying eating them. And infusing them into gin for martinis. There’s that too.

We’ve been thinking about doing a big fall garden this year. Last year I read You Can Farm by Joel Salatin. It was a motivating, inspiring, quick reading book. But one thing is said is that if you want to be a farmer, you have to tell your kids that time consuming extracurricular activities are out, especially baseball. Now that I lived through two boys on two different Little League teams during one spring season, I can see what he meant. If you want to focus on building your land up as a profitable, you can’t waste those hours doing things that aren’t building up the farm. However, we are not intending to be farmers, but a family who lives in the country with a big garden. I want my kids to be able to play sports if they are driven to do so. But man, that did put a giant big kink in our spring garden habits, as I’ve mentioned before. Well that and deck building and business trip taking (to Norway none the less!). Luckily we live where we do and we can grow a lush garden in fall too. And so, this weekend after a hectic spring and a free, though busy summer, we’ve allotted to getting the beds ready. Wish us luck!


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6 responses to “Cucumber Abundance

  1. Jennifer

    I may want to try and grow some cucs next spring in the fashion you did here in the container. I love cucs and could eat them everyday. Wondering if your bees love cuc blooms? That’s my main goal in planting nowadays 🙂

    • asonomagarden

      Hi Jennifer. Yes, the bees do love the blossoms, I’ve enjoyed watching them buzz around! I can eat them everyday too, so delicious!

  2. Jennifer

    🙂 Thanks! I wonder if it’s too late for me to plant cucs for this fall. We live in upper northern Cali, next to the Oregon border?

    • asonomagarden

      I think it might be too late. However if you find a few starts at the nursery, it doesn’t hurt to put them in the ground and try!

  3. Jennifer

    That’s a good idea! Then I’ll hope for a long Indian summer ;D

  4. Wow, your cucumbers are certainly happy aren’t they! xx

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