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Musing from the Mind of a Scatterbrain


(that’s a very different type of spinach in that last photo. we met new gardening friends over the weekend who had some unusual varieties of things growing. Like that heirloom tarragon in the basket in the first photo. inspiring!)
The summer of freedom has come to an end. Last week the three kiddos started school, but just half days and this week all three of them will be in school for a full day! This is the first time this has happened. And it’s sort of blowing my mind. There are so many possibilities of how I could spend my time! Of course I have to stick to the basics of housework and, well, getting back into real design work again (which includes updating that website!). My dreaming brain is taking hold though and planning big things for the garden. I’ve got the schematic down for installing drip irrigation in a large part of the vegetable garden which we find hard to water by hose. I’ve got rows and rows of narcissus bulbs to thin. I want to order tulip bulbs in mass quantity. I need to order yards of compost. In the kitchen I’ve got wild grape sourdough starter bubbling away and I’m try to perfect my recipe for sourdough bread (anyone have any tried and true good ones?). I have fresh tumeric root in the fridge waiting for the day I have time to try the homemade mustard recipe from the last issue of Taproot. We have kimchee fermenting away. And, yes, it looks like we can make yet another batch of tomato sauce. And I’m totally inspired to take my simple, easy summer cooking up to a higher level after reading Stone Edge Farm Cookbook. So beautiful and inspiring.

And then there are computer related things I have stacked my to-do list full with. I’d love to redesign this blog a bit. And go to a self hosted site, finally. You know, when I started this blog seven years ago, things were so different. There wasn’t social media so this was my only outlet to ‘talk’ with people. It seemed so easy. Now ‘they’ are saying you have to have your blog tied into all the social media outlets and utilize yet another application to have all these posts timed out at strategic times so people are always constantly seeing you on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. It’s exhausting. I go through periods where I’m totally on board with figuring these things out and other periods where I say ‘forget it, let’s keep it simple and just keep it on the blog’. There are so many blogs out there and so many people approaching it like a business that it just leaves someone like me in the dust. I know however that a few of you read me and comment and I really do appreciate it! All that said, I’m going to try the month of September to have more facebook posts, just to try it out. If it seems to add interest or add to the conversation, then I’ll keep it going. You can find me on facebook here.

I’m also wanting to update my e-booklet, Simple Handcrafted Body Care. Add in the recipes that are already on the blog and make a few design tweaks. Maybe new label designs?? Get is spruced up in time for the holidays.

As you can see, I’m all over the place, scattered as can be in my new found daytime freedom. I’m sure my mind and to-do list will quiet down, but for now I’m enjoying mulling over all the countless possibilities.


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