Open Faced Tomato & Guyere Sandwich

open faced tomato & guyere sandwich
Though summer is officially over and autumn is being welcomed with wide open arms, we are still getting baskets of tomatoes coming into our kitchen. Over recent years I’ve noticed that summertime tomato sandwiches seem to become almost religion to some people. Everyone has their favorites. Summer is not complete without them. For our dinners, a BLT is pretty much a weekly constant during tomato season. However I wanted to show you my other favorite tomato sandwich.

I discovered this tomato sandwich years ago, probably when I was in my teens. I remember it was a hot summer day and I was bored in my room flipping through some beauty magazine and came upon this recipe. It called for white wine, dijon mustard and guyere cheese all of which seemed so very sophisticated to me at the time. Still, decades later it’s one of my favorite summer lunches.
Open Faced Tomato & Guyere Sandwich
1 slice toasted french bread
white wine
dijon mustard
tarragon (optional)
sliced tomato
sliced guyere cheese

On the toasted french bread lightly sprinkle white wine to moisten. Then spread with dijon mustard and sliced tarragon. Place your tomato on top followed by sliced guyere cheese. Stick under the broiler until the cheese is melted. Enjoy!

My summer days now are nothing like my teenage summers, lounging aimlessly and bored with a beauty magazine in hand. Keeping white wine in the fridge these days doesn’t seem all that sophisticated. Every time I make and eat this sandwich it does take me right back to when cooking with grown-up ingredients seemed so daring. And besides, it’s plain delicious. Hopefully tomato season is still in full swing where you live and you get to try this sandwich before the season ends.

What’s your favorite tomato sandwich?


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15 responses to “Open Faced Tomato & Guyere Sandwich

  1. Karlene Stevenson

    I do this sandwich without the wine and with different cheese. Started making it when the kids were little to get then to eat tomatoes. They loved it then and we all still love it now.

  2. Heathar M

    Your IMG or images never come through. They say file not found.

  3. Jennifer

    Oh Wow! Just got in from a bee hive inspection and I’m so hungry. This looks heavenly…

  4. A little less fancy than your version, but delicious all the same; I opined about the Southerner’s Summer Tomato Sandwich here:
    Cheers to the Homegrown Tomato!

  5. Lisa

    Alas the one thing that I miss the most when the autumn turns to winter is fresh tomatoes. My favorite is fresh tomato, avocado and basil on toasted sourdough. Winter toms just don’t have what it takes. Thanks for the post. I am going to try this recipe this weekend with the last of the summer tomatoes I have in my fridge.

  6. CTY

    Bruschetta sandwich (open face): sourdough bread, drizzle of olive oil, rubbed with garlic, tiny bit of salt & toasted, whole slice tomato, splash of balsamic vinegar, basil strips & sprinkled fresh parmigiana cheese.

  7. Jo

    Whole wheat, mustard, mayonnaise, tomato, sharp cheddar, salt & pepper.

  8. Danabee in Petaluma

    A very thick slab of a huge well-balanced fruity/acid tomato, Best Foods mayo, salt and pepper on a not-too-hearty might wheat bread. OMG.

  9. I pulled our vines this past weekend, and roasted the last of the tomatoes tonight for dinner. Sadly, I didn’t get many great sandwiches this year. Once I found hornworms last month, I lost enthusiasm for my crop this year and gave up on watering- so the fruit became a bit tough and bitter. Is that beauty a Striped German?

  10. Hi Kendra,
    I’m missing your posts here on your sweet little blog. Hope you and yours are OK over there in Sonoma.
    Happy New Year

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