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the secret of life


After a busy, hectic, too much on my tiny plate sort of week, we are headed to this place for a while.

I saw this quote the other day and I plan on making it ‘my theme’ for our time away:

“if you learn to use a perfect afternoon in a perfectly useless manner, you have learned the secret of life. -lin yutang”

Sending you peace and relaxation! -xoxo-


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On love, honey, wool and clams


In seemingly an instant the Love in a Mists went from their feathering seeding stage to up and blooming, then petals falling and their great seed heads forming, signalling that we’ve been here on this property for one full year.

I finished my mittens, and now onto my naturally dyed sweater. I dove right in without much forethought as I knew that if ever I start to research and plan I’ll get stuck in details. The sweater will be based on Elizabeth Zimmerman’s fair isle yoke sweater. I can’t wait to see how this progresses. I have no idea if any of the above colors are colorfast. I used a mordant in each case, but I’ve heard that is no guarantee. If all fails I’ll throw the whole sweater into a vat of RIT dye and call it a day. Oh and I finally got a passable green, you can see in the upper left, it’s artichoke! My friend Jen told me about getting blue with black beans! If I have anymore white left over after the sweater I’m trying that for sure!

In other news of ‘Kendra dives in without over thinking things’ the bees seem quite happy. I need to open them back up for the third time and see if Hive Left needs a super yet. Why they are so slow to build when their sister hive is three tall and I’m expecting will need yet another super is a mystery to me.

When Scott’s not been busy digging or building or working, he’s been out salmon fishing and taking the boys crabbing and clamming. Grilled salmon, homemade lox, crab cakes and clam chowder have been on the menu the past week.

I hope all is well in your world!


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Growings On…


The tractor works, the field got mowed.

Unfortunately the tractor does not differentiate between grass and mustard and it all got plowed down. At least our field is too big to mow in one sitting and a patch got saved.

She’s growing too. Walking and toppling all over the place.

The felco’s were sharpened and all the fruit trees have been pruned.

What a job!


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Notes from Our Weekend

Thrifted Typewriter
pig tails
The number of weekend days we’ve spent in our new house relaxing and being productive in that purely enjoyable weekend way, we can count on one hand I think. But today marked the end of the last big project (the roof) and therefore, hopefully, a bit of relaxation. Just a few images of this weekend….
:: a thrifted typewriter for the boys
:: a girl in pig tails for the first time! (why didn’t you tell me it’s so fun to have a girl?)
:: my virgo-ness meets my holiday cookie obsession and results in exactly 2″ square cookies
:: very fancy weekend appetizers with a very fancy martini (local gin, we sacrifice for local eating/drinking you know)
:: just arrived christmas cards around the big mirror and little boys behind me cutting snowflakes. a very good day.
(just realized that this picture of me looks exactly like the one to the left. that was three + years ago and i’m still going without shampoo…should write about that more some day)


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at least there’s…


It’s been a long week or two around here but the air is starting to clear. We got into this vicious cycle of fixing one thing and as a result having two other things break, you know those cycles. For instance take the car in for an oil change and find out it needs a full day of servicing. Make pear cider for the enjoyment of all, only to see that half of it explodes all over your garage covering all your belongings in a thin coat of sugary stickiness (can’t wait to see the ant infiltration after this!). Indulge in having some new flooring installed only to realize the reality of having to shorten all the doors and cut/paint/install all new baseboard. Light bulbs keep burning out. One kid got strep. You know the drill.

But at least there is seeing your little ones learn how to fish.


And walks in a fall vineyard.

And foggy concerts in Golden Gate Park.

And lomography.

Hope all is well functioning in your world!

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Plants & Marmalade


This weekend was marmalade weekend (a view of last year’s marmalade weekend)! My favorite kind of weekend, as marmalade is one of my favorite things. We had a fantastic bounty of oranges from our little tree this year. It was about one paper grocery bag full of oranges. We ate quite a few, but most were saved for marmalade.

It amazes me that we are able to grow oranges. They just seem like such tropical little gems. Have you read The Sun Egg by Elsa Beskow? It is one of our favorites. As the story goes, a little boy named Danny drops an orange out of his lunch box in a Swedish forest. The creatures of the forest think that the sun laid an egg until a bird corrects them that it is an orange. When winter comes and the birds migrate south, they take the little wood fairy with them to see the oranges grow and she gets a little straw and sucks the juice out of the oranges. So if ever you get a dry orange it is because the fairy had a drink of it’s juice, and really, you don’t mind sharing, do you? It seems the fairy skipped our yard this year, because all were juicy and delicious.


We did more work clearing out and harvesting what was in the ground in order to make room for new things.

New Plants

We had a few hours without boys on Saturday and were able to take the baby girl with us to the nursery to casually walk and browse. It was so luxurious and reminded us of our pre-child days when those slow visits to the nursery were commonplace. We indulged and bought a whole slew of new plants, kale, half-priced onions, romanesco broccoli, blueberries(!) and a handful of flowers for my flowerbeds which are getting a major redo this year. Two hydrangeas for in front of the cottage, a new rudbeckia, a tea tree for a sunny hot spot and a few penstemon to make my bed more water wise.

Oh, I’ve been experimenting around a bit, both in the kitchen & with body care things that I can’t wait to share! To come soon.


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The First Spring Weekend

Oh what a glorious way to enter into spring. The first tulip bloomed on the first day of spring. There were rain showers, blue, blue skies, billowy white clouds, March breezes, drinks with a new friend, dinner with an old, dear friend and days spent together outside.
First day of Spring, First open tulip
Spring Tulip
Spring Mustard
The mustard is just starting to fade.
Soon to be Cherries
Soon to be cherries.
Soon to be peaches
Soon to be peaches.
Muscari growing wild below our apple trees.
Did you have a good first weekend of spring too?


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