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Easter Roses

Most of the year when I go outside and see the assortment of 50+ rose bushes on our property, I think to myself, you know, I’m really not much of a rose person. I’m not sure what qualities make someone a ‘rose person’, but whatever they may be, I’ve always thought I lacked them. I’m too much of a lackadaisical gardener. I like things to grow independently and free. Roses, they have a fussy attitude. There’s a lot of persnickity pruning. And they drink a lot of water. So most of the year I wonder about the idea of taking many of them out.
But then spring rolls around and magically I have no other option but to fall madly in love with them.
We celebrated our Easter a day early this year. I indulged and bought a full flat of strawberries at the strawberry stand. I made strawberry shortcake and sent guest home with extra baskets. Scott made a delicious herb inspired dinner. There were games of horseshoes, cousins catching tadpoles, bubbles to blow and candy filled Easter eggs to find. And of course, there were roses. Lots and lots of roses.

Happy Easter!


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Weekend and Half off Discount


Thank you so much for all your comments and entries. I really did appreciate reading every one. For those of you interested in making home made lotions and salves and things, I just wanted to encourage you to give it a try. It’s so easy, it’s so much healthier for you and it can save you so much money. Plus it can be a fun and creative outlet. Today I’m going to make it cheaper to get started. Today when you buy Simple Hand Crafted Body Care and you’ll get it for half off! It’s only good for Friday. I was having problems with the discount, but I think I have it working now, so if you don’t see a discount of $3 off in place when you order, email me and I’ll reimburse you!

Last Saturday we had a family weeding day. We needed all 10 of our hands to make a dent in the enormous amount of weeds we have growing. Scott got to the far part of the garden and as he was pulling weeds he hollered, ‘hey did you know we have a whole row of iris’ over here?’ And so we do! Gardening as a family goes at a slow pace, but we all ended up in such a happy, exhausted mood at the end of the day.

The wee one and I made a lunchtime salad with our mustard, arugula, lettuce and calendula petals.

The apple trees are in bloom and I have to get the coddling moth traps out before it’s too late!

Our baby chicks have grown into chickens so fast! We’ve put them in with the rooster and existing hens and so far everything seems to be going rather peacefully.

What you lookin’ at?


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Sunday Flowers-Little Boy Version

Sunday Flowers

Sunday flowers gathered by little boys. They didn’t do half bad with their bouquet, did they?

If you’ve picked some fresh flowers for your house, please do add the link in the comments!

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Sunday Flowers – Pink, Yellow & White


The Shasta Daisies are finally in bloom!

Join me for Sunday Flowers by posting a picture of what you’ve collected from your yard on your blog and posting a link to it below.


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Sunday Flowers – Feverfew

Sunday Flowers

Yesterday we went over to the Sonoma Garden Park for their market and noticed these little daisy like flowers growing everywhere, so pretty. Rebecca, the garden manager explained they were feverfew. I think I might have to grow some myself next year!

If you’d like to join my new habit, pick some backyard flowers to grace your house this week and add your link below!


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Sunday Flowers – Happy Father’s Day

Sunday Flowers
I quickly cut a few vases of flowers to spread around the house this morning for a Father’s Day get-together we are having today with Scott’s extended family.
Sunday Flowers
These butterfly bush purple flowers smell just like honey and I add a little lemon verbena sprigs to help make our family room smell inviting.
Sunday Flowers
Each spring I cut a bouquet of lavender to put in the corner of the bathroom. I usually leave it there all year round because even dried lavender is so pretty and smells so good.

If you’ve put flowers in your house this weekend, take a photo and post a link below. We’d love to see them!

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Sunday Flowers – Join Me


On the table this morning: sweet peas + abalone shell.

If you have flowers to share, please do!


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Sunday Flowers – join me!

Sunday Flowers
As I mentioned the other week, I’ve started a habit of making a new little bouquet of flowers for our table on Sunday mornings. It’s such a nice little habit I’ve fallen into. At some point on Sunday mornings I wander outside to join all the boys who are already outside playing and working and start cutting what looks inspiring. Then I bring them inside, clear off the table of it’s cluttered Sunday morning mess: newspaper, coffee mugs, empty breakfast plates, and put at little simple arrangement on the table. Depending on the flowers they usually last until Thursday or Friday and it’s so nice to have something pretty to look at. It also helps me keep the table clear of daily clutter, having such beautiful flowers in the middle.

I’ve found that putting the bouquets in a small canning jar is my favorite vase. I had a larger vase on the table before but then we couldn’t see who was sitting opposite from us at dinner. With this we can easily look over.

If you’d like to join me in my Sunday Flowers habit, please do. It’s great fun. Post a link to your photo below so we can all browse.

Happy Sunday!


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