Gardening Blogs

Below is a great list of garden/natural living blogs, some I have been reading for a long while, others are brand new to me. Some I learn tons from, others I wish the authors were my next door neighbors so we could be friends. But all are inspiring.

I encourage you to check them all out and if I’ve left out your favorite garden blog, please add it in the comments below!

Sonoma County Garden Blogs:

Vegetable Garden Blogs:

Mostly Flower Garden Blogs:

Garden & Lifestyle:

16 responses to “Gardening Blogs

  1. Hi there! Enjoying your blog very much.

    These are two that I’m very involved with.

  2. Just discovered your wonderful site. We live in Sonoma, the Carneros region to be exact. We bought a former sheep farm about 2 years ago. Previous owner used it mostly as grazing land. We have been trying to plant as many trees as will survive & thrive in the local clay soil. We are watching with great envy all the local trees bloom. Any chance you have a guide or list of blooming trees and their time of bloom? Much thanks and keep writing.

  3. I enjoy reading about all the things you do! I’d love to meet others who read your blog as well. You can find me at It’s a gardening – and other things – sort of place. 🙂

    have a look at mine and tell me what you think

  5. Hello,
    I foud your blog by googling “how to make hand lotion”. I smiled as I began to read titles on how to make applesauce & deodorant (I too have been struggling with the whole breast cancer/aluminum issue) . I love the photos & was so excited to find a well written, simple & informative blog about natural lifestyle. I just began venturing into this world. My husbands job brought us to North Eastern Pennsylvania & a new baby landed me with the “stay at home mom” gig. Thus began a journey of living better. I purged our house of all the chemical filled food and began buying local farm fresh. This has of course parlayed into shampoo, diapers, cleaning supplies & so much more. I began a blog to simply contain the thoughts, information & projects this venture has ignited. It is called “Growing Small People” , our families 12 month quest to go organic, change our lives and basically be and live better. Hope you get a chance to check it out.

  6. Thank you so much for the mention of my blog! I am very honored. Carol

  7. I just found your blog and see that we do alot of the same things. I found you by googling beeswax in a lotion since we just returned from Hawaii where we bought some such lotion (or I really call cream). I make our lotions but hubby really liked this one, so I was searching for one with beeswax (and we should have lots of beeswax next year with our hive.) Anyway, great to find you.
    My hubby is the main gardener growing most of what we eat. His blog which is all about gardening and cooking (he’s also the chief cook) is
    Mine is about some gardening, some baking, and crafting.
    We make soap, and I make other stuff from lotions to bug spray and anti-itch creams. Hubby went no-poo quite a while ago and I’m thinking about getting on the wagon especially since my hair is so short now.
    Anyway, great to find you and look forward to reading more.
    Lynda in Southern Indiana

  8. Rachel

    I’m so glad I found your blog! I’m very interested in gardening and making things from scratch with wholesome ingredients, but I don’t know very much. Your blog is so informative and understandable. I just finished melting the ingredients for the beeswax lotion-can’t wait to use it!

  9. Thanks for the Linky Love!

  10. Awww, thank you so much for the mention! It’s so fabulous to meet kindred spirits through the world of blogging! (Although, I’m terribly envious of your added two acres–bliss! Oh, the things you must grow!) Look forward to chatting with you and visiting often to see what’s happening in your Sonoma Garden! Cheers!

  11. You have so beautifully captured, in both words and pictures, all the best reasons for being outside and for supporting the native plants that are the basis for the bounty. The snail and the Juniper Hairstreak are really amazing; thanks for sharing!

  12. Just found your blog and really enjoying it. Great pics and layout. I just started a blog about the Willamette Valley, Oregon. It’s more a life style blog than a garden blog although I plan to have plenty of garden in it. I’d be so honored if you’d look at it and if you liked it would include it in your blog suggestions. Thanks much. Evelyn

  13. Thank you so much for listing my blog!

  14. The snail and the Juniper Hairstreak are really amazing; thanks for sharing!

  15. Thanks for the list! This will save me some search time. I just started a twitter just so I can talk and socialize all about gardening. I am a newbie gardner so I hav a lot to learn. I grow mostly edible plants. I am working on potatoes now-check it out on twitter if u want!
    Happy gardening!

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