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Have you Sprouted Brussel Sprouts?

Brussel Sprouts
Have you grown Brussel Sprouts before? Do you even like to eat them? I admit I’ve only had them a few times in my life, but I have really liked them. They are great roasted, soft insides with crispy carmalized outter leaves. And I seem to remember having them as a kid once with that thick orange cheese sauce which makes anything taste better. But we’ve never grown them.

They are really cool, funky looking plants and I hope that I have a whole bed of them to photograph in a few months. I was reading up on them and they said that its best if you don’t plant them where other brassicas have been growing in the past two years….hmmmm, what has been growing in that bed? We really do need to keep better track. Well, this summer that’s where the watermelons were, but who knows what was there before that. Like the cabbages, these need regular moisture and well drained soil. And they grow best when the temperatures are around 65 degrees. We hope to give them what they need.


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