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We will learn one of these days

Chard in the Grass
One of these days we’re going to learn not to let everything go to seed in our yard. In the meantime we made a meal of these random chard plants that have grown in our newly reseeded lawn. We knew our usual weed suspects, purslane and amaranth would be among the weed culprits, but chard? Really?

Anyway, this brings me to the fact that I have signed us up to take part in the Eat Local Challenge for the month of October. And for this challenge, we are going to try and eat very local. Within our property bounds local. My goal is that every meal this month will contain something local in it. And every day at least one meal must contain something grown in our garden. This actually is an easy challenge for us, well, at least played by my rules. We eat out of garden for most meals and rarely buy produce. But this just gives us extra incentive to eat something from our yard for EVERY meal. Wish us luck!


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