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Promises of Spring

Despite the fact that a well used room in our house looks something like this as of lately and that it has been causing all of us undue stress…

when you walk through that plastic doorway to the kitchen, or rather when you go outside and walk around the outside of the house to the back kitchen door because you aren’t supposed to walk in this area yet, you’ll find…

…these very lovely promises of spring sprouting up more often on our kitchen counters. Oh fresh veggies, how our taste buds and bodies have missed you so!


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Chinese Mustard

Isn’t this beautiful? This is Chinese Mustard called Gai Choy which we grew last year and let a few plants to go seed. This year we have been delighted to find them growing in all sorts of spots around our yard. They are a cool season crop which means that they sprouted in late summer and are now reaching maturity in early spring. They are gorgeous plants. They can be cooked like spinach or chard when young.

Yesterday I picked a large handful and cooked them for dinner. I diced two pieces of bacon into one inch strips. Cooked those until almost crispy, added the spicy (since our plants are quite mature, they have a spicy flavor) mustard greens until they wilted. Then added a couple of tablespoons of chopped rosemary, a quarter cup of sherry vinegar and a healthy seasoning of salt and pepper. They were delicious!


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