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buy nothing wrap up

Buy Nothing Challenge - April 2008

I keep meaning to wrap up my Buy Nothing Challenge that Crunchy Chicken put on in April. I did great actually, as long we don’t talk about April 15th, I keep all of my unnecessary spending under $20 for the whole month. Just a few coffees out with a friend and a couple of organizing crates at the hardware store, oh and a few Ed Emberly books at the thrift store for 50 cents. So what happened April 15th? Well, I made a trip to Target, damn that store with all of its temptation. Actually everything I bought were things that we needed and I only make the trip there once every few months.

The interesting thing about this challenge to me was to view my own spending habits. I realized that this challenge wasn’t all that hard for me. I don’t buy very many unnecessary things, usually coffee, an occassional piece of clothing, a couple of treasures while browsing the thrift store, nothing outrageous or superfluous. We’ve always known that we don’t spend that much, but we do have expensive tastes. So we find that if we can’t have the best, than we’d rather go without until we can afford it.

My Challenge for May is Green Bean’s Be a Bookworm. I’m going to be wrapping up In Defense of Food and tackling maybe Affluenza or a gardening book. I’ll let you know!

Edit: So I just received our April credit card bill, it’s exactly half of what it was the month previous. Hmmm, so maybe I do shop more than I think! Needless to say The Buy Nothing Challenge was helpful to our pocketbook. Maybe I should make every month a Buy Nothing Month. Or at least a Buy Next to Nothing month.


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too much stuff

Buy Nothing Challenge - April 2008
So much stuff. It seems like every month I collect at least a bag or two of ‘stuff’ from our house to give to donation. Where does this stuff come from? Honestly now. It seems as though our house should be empty at the rate I get rid of things. Do I really bring all this stuff in? According to my recent credit card bill, I must.

After getting that bill, seeing this amazing video called the Story of Stuff and living a short but simple bit of life up at Sea Ranch, I feel really enthusiastic to join Crunchy Chicken’s Buy Nothing Challenge. Don’t get me wrong, it’s going to be tough for sure. With a tax refund burning a whole in my checking account and this beautiful spring weather, I’m craving some new patio furniture. But I’m going to try. And my first plan of action was to transfer that refund money into our saving account so I can’t touch it….well, easily that is. Wish me luck!

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