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A Cure for the Common Cold and Cancer?

Green Garlic
Last night as I was laying in bed reading Mother Earth News, there was a reader tip that swore she had the cure for the common cold. Apparently you take one clove of garlic, crush it up in the bottom of a mug, then wait about 10 minutes. During those ten minutes all of the magic qualities of the garlic will take shape. Then add hot water and a little honey and lemon if you like. Drink the garlic tea and chew up the garlic clove afterwards. She claims that it tastes pretty good and won’t give you stinky breath. She drinks this at least once a day for a few days once she feels the first symptoms of a cold and says that its a total cure! Obviously, I haven’t tried this yet, but I wanted to let you know in case you are feeling a cold coming on. Our youngest has a cold now…so its only a matter of days for me now to have to try this magic garlic tea out. Let me know if it works for you!

After doing more reading, garlic really is incredible! A study was done in Florida proved that eating garlic and garlic essense supercharged the immune system’s natural killer cells. Nine people were given 12-15 cloves of garlic to eat a day, 9 were given the same amount of garlic extract, and the remaining 9 got to spare their breath and weren’t given any garlic. At the end of the study the natural killer cells in the blood of the 27 participants was extracted and then mixed with cancer cells. The folk’s blood who ate the garlic and garlic extract killed 120-140 percent more of the cancer cells than the blood of those who didn’t eat any garlic!

In one province in China its customary for people to chew a few cloves of raw garlic each day. When they studied this community against another non garlic eating community nearby, they found that 12 times more non garlic eating people suffered from gastric cancer as the garlic eaters!

Amazing, isn’t it? And this is only the tip of the iceburg on it’s healing powers. It lowers blood pressure, cholesteral, helps prevent chronic bronchitis, prevents heart attacks and more. If you are like me, you’re thinking about going to eat a few cloves raw right now aren’t you? Well, at least let’s go add some to our dinners tonight, okay?

Speaking of garlic, we just planted our last weekend. To read more about our garlic growing adventures you can read about last years harvest and how our harvest went wrong.


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happy may day & the left side

Happy May Day! We sent our oldest to preschool this morning with a bouquet of backyard flowers to decorate the May Pole. The teachers were busy attaching streamers to the pole and it brought me back to fond memories of my own preschool May Days. After dancing around the may pole, we’d fill a basket with flowers and excitedly run across the street to leave on the neighbors front porch, ring the bell, then quickly dash away giggling. As Julie and I discussed the other day, its a lost holiday these days. Its too bad, what a nice uncommercial cheerful day to celebrate.
chive flowers
On the left side of the garden, to wrap up our tour, I thought we’d start at the back. In our back bed we keep an odd assortment of herbs, garlic and chard. These chive flowers are fairytale like this time of year. I keep expecting a Peter Cottontail to come along and nibble on these.
And the garlic? It looks like long graceful limbs of dancers in this light.
more garlic dancers
In front of them is our potato trench. We dig a deep trench (notice I use the royal we here, actually Scott digs a deep trench) about 18″ deep and plant the potatoes there, then as they grow and sprout we keep filling the hole over the plant to encourage new potatoes to grow until the ‘trench’ becomes ground level. These are yukon golds:
yukon gold potato
In front of the potatoes is a bed with currently two peppers and two eggplants with basil seeds just sprouting. Oh, and what else is that you see in the picture? Oh, yes, that would be even *more* wonder berries and amaranth!
Ahead of the ‘mediterranean bed’ is an entire bed devoted to strawberries which in hopefully another week will be bright red and ready to eat.
And at the very front of the left side is a bed of onions and leeks:
Notice how much bigger these are than the garlic in back? Planted on the same day too. The magic of raised beds, I tell you!


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onions ~ it makes perfect sense


I heard a piece of advise or rather knowledge the other week that I never thought of before but makes complete sense. Did you know that the number of leaves an onion has is the same number of layers the onion will have? Of course that makes perfect sense! So I know this onion will have 10 layers (always an even number as their leaves grow in pairs) when I cut into it. Same goes for garlic, the number of leaves equals the number of cloves. Duh!


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