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green garlic and spinach soup

Green Garlic
Anyone here read Orangette? She posted a green garlic and spinach soup recipe on Monday that I just had to try since we have a bunch of green garlic in our garden now. Green garlic just being young garlic. So I pulled a handful of it, sliced it
Green garlic sliced
made some vegetable stock
Vegetable Stock
and went ahead with the rest of the recipe until I got this:
Green Garlic and Spinach soup
I have to say, I loved this soup. It was rich even before I added the cream. And it tasted good and green, but not oh-this-must-be-good-for-me-yuck-green. It was well….just go and read what Molly has to say about it, she describes it much better. But you must try it!

If you are looking for another great recipe, try the carmalized carrot risotto recipe that Julie just made. I have to say that cooked carrots and cooked peas are the only two foods I really don’t like, but even I was tempted to try that delicious looking risotto.


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