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Fall Facial Care


This past weekend we did a lot of making in the kitchen. Our San Marzano tomatoes are finally kicking them out like crazy, so Scott was able to put up 10 pints + 2 quarts of sauce. I made a giant batch of granola (using the The Model Bakery’s recipe) and a loaf of sourdough, again using the Model Bakery’s starter recipe, but using the bread recipe from The Bread Machine Cookbook. It’s a funny, basic bread machine cookbook, but it really has some of the best bread recipes I’ve tried. Being that I mix the majority of my bread in the bread machine and then bake them in the oven in loaf pans, this cookbook works perfectly. Just wish my bread machine could hold a double capacity…are there any out there that do that? I’ll have to look, boy, we go through a lot of bread!

Saturday I was talking with a friend about how we are getting to the age where starting to take care of our face is really becoming more of a priority. Now that the weather is starting to change, I’ve also noticed a change in my complexition. It’s been a little drier and just not looking as vibrant, so with fresh inspiration I went home and made up a batch of Microdermabrasion Facial Scrub and, wow, what a difference it makes. My face feels so smooth today and everything just looks tighter. Have you tried that recipe yet? I want to hear how it works for you.

Though I like saving money and making things at home as much as I can, every once in a while I get in the mood to splurge on some really nice facial lotions and potions. Another good friend who not only is a cosmotologist but a raw food fanatic, gave me two samples to try over the summer and they both were really fantastic. Dr. Alkaitis Organic Day Crème is a great smelling and feeling lotion for everyday and this Osmosis Catalyst AC-11 was what she told me to use at night. She was so passionate about these two products and her skin absolutely glows that I couldn’t wait to try them. They really did work well, both of them. It tighten everything up and closed up my pores, and it make my skin feel hydrated. Make sure to use an old pillowcase if you try the Osmosis serum, because it has some sort of orange colored oil that rubbed off onto my pillow (maybe sea buckthorn oil?). The only flaw is that they aren’t cheap, so I’m saving my money to buy them.

Hope you are doing well today friends!


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