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The Center Plot

It’s windy today, and sunny but with big huge clouds looming in the sky. I wish it were just plain sunny and warm because tonight is the farmers market in town and the new Ben and Jerrys on the square is giving away free ice cream tonight! Now of course I’ll take free ice cream in any weather, but wouldn’t it be so much nicer if it was warm? Anyway, I’m taking you on a tour of the middle of our veggie garden today, please don’t mind the weeds. It was recently covered in favas and vetch, but now that those have been pulled and tilled, its full of little seedlings. Oh and one more artichoke plant:
Behind the artichoke and the new raised bed (that’s waiting for cucumber seeds to sprout), we have the melon row. Here’s one of the few melons that survived the frosty mornings, a crenshaw.
Behind the melons is tomato alley:
tomato alley
In the tomato bed is a sea full of volunteer amaranth, wonder berry and purple haze carrots (those we actually planted).
purple haze carrots
As you’ll notice in all of our pictures we have those purple amaranth and little wonder berries. Both of those things we started a few years ago, just with one plant and now they come up *everywhere*! The wonder berries were advertised as being just like huckleberries, but I’m here to report that they are not at all like huckleberries and I wish those stinkin’ little sprouts would just go away already. The amaranth, however are a beautiful and welcome surprise to find around the yard. Both the leaves and seeds are edible. You can eat the leaves young in salads, older steamed like spinach and the seed is a grain that you can eat like rice or quinoa.

Behind the tomatoes is our new three part bed that Scott just made. This bed receives quite a bit of shade in the summer because it’s right by three huge cedar trees and our weeping santa rosa plum tree. So in go the cooler season crops like another lettuce bed (lettuce is so easy to grow, its a sin to have to pay for it at the store):
and French breakfast radishes:

Throughout this middle section is a scattering of borage (again another one we started with just one plant and now have little volunteers everywhere):

Well, the little ones are up, so I must go. Next up, the right side of the garden.


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green garlic and spinach soup

Green Garlic
Anyone here read Orangette? She posted a green garlic and spinach soup recipe on Monday that I just had to try since we have a bunch of green garlic in our garden now. Green garlic just being young garlic. So I pulled a handful of it, sliced it
Green garlic sliced
made some vegetable stock
Vegetable Stock
and went ahead with the rest of the recipe until I got this:
Green Garlic and Spinach soup
I have to say, I loved this soup. It was rich even before I added the cream. And it tasted good and green, but not oh-this-must-be-good-for-me-yuck-green. It was well….just go and read what Molly has to say about it, she describes it much better. But you must try it!

If you are looking for another great recipe, try the carmalized carrot risotto recipe that Julie just made. I have to say that cooked carrots and cooked peas are the only two foods I really don’t like, but even I was tempted to try that delicious looking risotto.


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